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Sony Walkman NWZ-W262 gift from Klout perks arrives! #Review



First Impressions
Feels good in my ears (I’m already used to in-ear buds, this ones have a nice vacuum when you slide them in)

Unlike my old sport Sennheiser headphones (which I love for running) the speakers are joined by a thick cable, not a thin cable enclosed by a plastic frame.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.04.47 AM

It took a couple of minutes but the drive “WALKMAN” was mounted automatically! Maybe it was the first time the device was started it may have needed to boot or it just didn’t have enough charge to mount itself, who knows. it’s mounted now, I’ll be uploading music to it with drag and drop next.


The controls are placed on the underside, buttons are nicely separated. You will have volume controls on your left ear, the same goes for one button to turn shuffle on or off. Controls are responsive, skipping is instant just like you’d expect.

On the right ear you will have skip and play/pause buttons. Some buttons trigger a female voice that tell you what you just did, that’s a nice touch.

I’d give the controls and overall design a 4/5.

If you’re used to Dre. Beats you will be disappointed, If however you use regular headsets sound quality is comparable to the sport Sennheisers, it seems like they will do the job well when you’re running.

You won’t be able to blast super hard with these headsets, and a downside is the sound bleed. People around you will hear your music, something that surprises me because they are in-ear, but now I’m starting to think that the in-ear part is only to avoid sweat from going into your ear canals when you’re running, it’s not related to sound quality.

I’d give them a 3.8/5 in sound, I guess if you’re not too demanding they’re fine.

I’ll be updating this post after I take them on a 3 mile run.

2GB storage.

1.5 hours to charge, up to 8 hour playback.

water resistant, perfect for sweaty runners like myself.


They are well worth the $55, Get them on Amazon if you like them.

Disclosure: I didn’t buy the Sony Walkman, they’ve been given to me by Klout perks, probably with the intention of me reviewing these and generating buzz around the product. Still the targeting by Klout Perks was great, I’m a geek and a runner and I do need a product like this. I would’ve probably not bought it in the first place since I tend to do all my running work outs using my Android phone and several apps (FrostWire for the media player, Cardio Trainer for mile tracking)

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