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How to GPU-mine BitCoins on a MacBook Pro

I’ve just gotten started into BitCoin a little late in the game (April 2013) and if you’re reading this you’re probably on the same boat.

This post details the steps I took to start mining BitCoins with GPU on a MacBook Pro.


1. Get DiabloMiner. You will need to have installed git and a jdk (Java Development Kit) to build it.
Clone the source code from the github repository into your computer. From the command line

git clone

after it downloads you will have to build it, invoke

cd DiabloMiner

mvn package

it will download all its dependencies and build itself.

2. Register into a Bitcoin Mining Pool

Now you will see a “” script. if you try to use it to mine in solo mode (connecting agaisnt localhost:8332), you will get errors, it seems nowadays there’s only pooled mining (i may be wrong), so you will have to register into a Bitcoin mining pool to make this happen.

I registered my account at, in there you get to enter your BitCoin address to receive your mining rewards.

3. Launch DiabloMiner (in as many machines as you can using your pool mining account)

./ -u -p yourpasswordhere -o -r 8332 -g 5 -w 64

and you should see…

[4/26/13 11:02:23 PM] Started
[4/26/13 11:02:23 PM] Connecting to:
[4/26/13 11:02:24 PM] Using Apple OpenCL 1.2 (Dec 4 2012 18:26:30)
[4/26/13 11:02:24 PM] Added ATI Radeon HD 6750M (#1) (6 CU, local work size of 64)
mhash: 46.0/44.4 | accept: 0 | reject: 0 | hw error: 0

Hope this helped you.

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