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Google Glass to enrich Google Maps/Earth with fine grained 3D Models of reality

I was imagining a world maybe 5 years from now, where there’s an insane amount of Google-Glass-like devices out there.

If Google was bold enough to map the streets with cars equipped with GPS and cameras, I think one of the top uses they must have somewhere on their master plan is to use every Glass user’s video feed to map reality to a more fine grained level. It’s easy to see how this data could be used to create 3D detailed models of every city in the world, not just out on the street, but inside buildings to provide us with navigation everywhere, outside or inside.

This will def. be another level of creepy, I foresee a battle to preserve the privacy inside homes and office once this starts happening. How do you prevent someone else from not mapping the inside of your home or house and uploading it to the web?

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