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Is there an Android manufacturer for intelligent adults?

I wish there were an Android phone in the market that:

– Let’s me have Admin privileges on my device out of the box (rooted by default)

– Does not start 20+ background processes I don’t want along with a lot of uninstallable apps that just eat on my resources and battery life.

for example:

what the fuck is “Samsung Watch ON”, “PageBuddyNotiSvc”, “Knox Notification Manager”, “Touch Wiz Home”, “Isis Wallet” (I only want my Bitcoin wallet and I can’t uninstall this shit) , Samsung Health crap (I already have my fitness apps, I’d love to uninstall your shit Samsung), Fucking “Lookout” (I don’t want this), Samsung Text-to-speech engine (it sucks, I don’t want it eating my resources), Samsung Push Service (I’ll never use that shit, let me uninstall it), KLMS Agent, Samsung Apps, AT&T Locker… etc. etc. I don’t want any of this shit, I bet my battery life would greatly be improved if none of this crap was running in my phone.

Let’s developers develop. And this one goes to Google (and Apple too), how are we supposed to make a change if you keep blocking access to non-OEM developers from accesing even basic things like SD Card storage, it’s a very dickhead move what Google did to developers accessing the SD Card after their KitKat update, now you can only write to a certain sandboxed folder (ignoring the fact users had already given us permission to write on the SD Card) and when your app is uninstalled files are deleted, also, files can’t be scanned by their multimedia scanner if they are on those folders, so if you have created an app that works with Video/Music you have to pretty much hack around and waste time dealing with their bullshit instead of focusing on making your app better.

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