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OnePlus One unboxing

Charger and phone come in separate boxes.

Charger does not come with a cable. The phone does.

I guess it must be a statement for modularity and perhaps you get to buy only the accesories you need, if you need just a cable, you just buy the cable.

It’s a pretty power adapter, but not very functional, the contacts are not retractable like on many others.

The box was of really good quality material.

Custom shipping box for the phone, had a nice tab at the end of the rope used to open the box.

A white box, containing another box, good material again, but rather wasteful in my humble opinion.


hopefully people will read the fine print and not get rid of this cover as it contains the devices IMEI and Serial number.

And this is the first Android device I have which I can’t open to remove the battery, so I’ll still be using my external battery for charging, hopefully the battery life will be as good as I expect as the phone didn’t come with a bunch of pre-loaded crap apps you can’t uninstall (dear AT&T and Samsung)

this material feels awesome, and the phone is pretty light.

and has a really cool looking USB cable.

I’m happy, now let’s hope I can find a rugged cover to protect it before it breaks, I tend to go running with my phones as I need gps tracking and like taking a picture here and there while I exercise.

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