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Latin Flavored Weekend

Ok, let’s do this one in english.

After wednesday, I stayed in doors for almost 2 days at home working on (although you can probably see the efects, there’s a lot going on behind the curtains)

Being indoors for so long kinda got me down, but thanks to my friends I was up in no time. (Thank you Tami in Chile)

Salsa Brava Live Band

So, Friday night I had my “Bahiana” girl giving me a call, to see If I wanted to go to a Salsa place on the east side, hell yeah. I ended up going to see Diarios de una motocicleta for the second time before going to the salsa place.

Then we headed for the Salsa place, and when we were there, she went inside this tipical American Rock-Sport Bar… and I thought.. well, maybe she’s gonna say hi to somebody.

To my surprise, on the very back of the Bar, I thought she was going to the restroom, there was a doorman, and I heard Salsa Music coming from the back. Yes man, on the back of a sport bar, there was a room, PACKED! with people dancing live salsa.

Amazing Salsa Band playing Salsa Classics, even Buena Vista Social Club’s “El Cuarto de Chula”, I couldn’t help but remember my friend Katay who gave me that disc once, which I enjoyed playing over and over for months back in Venezuela.

So, that’s what I love about NY, so many surprises you can find, I’m so glad I moved, as a tourist it’s impossible to see all it has to offer, If you really want to see all of NY you gotta stay here for a while. It’s been three months next week for me, and I still feel I haven’t seen nothing yet.

The next day, I was introduced to an amazing place, which in my country probably wouldn’t be that amazing, but in the east village, and to me, with 7 months without trying a real Arepa, it was a delight.

Angel esperando para comerse unas arepas

I’m talking about Caracas Arepa Bar, it’s a very small place, which has all the flavor venezuela can offer, go to their website and you’ll see what I’m talking about, they have the menu in there, and some pictures.

Venezuelan Brunch

If you’re into Venezuelan food (Arepas, Pabellón, Cachapas, Empanadas, Quesillo, Flan, etc…), don’t miss it for nothing. My expectations were very high as I waited 30 minutes to get a table, and they were surpased, excelente sazon, me alegro por que tengan el exito que tienen con nuestro paladar aqui en la gran manzana.

Thank you Bahiana for the tip on this restaurant. You’re making me think twice now about coming to live in the city next year. I’m gonna be looking for a good rent deal once after January.

On other note, I went to see Alexander The Great tonight, and hardly I will say I don’t like a movie, but I felt this story could’ve been told with a lot more emotion. I didn’t get any goosebumps before the battles, I guess it’s all fault of Oliver Stone, don’t know much about him, don’t know much about the story of Alexander The Great, but with no offensive tone, this movie was much more Alexander The Great Gay, than Alexander The Great.

At the beggining I saw some weird escenes, which made me think… “Hay que maricos”, but you know, I’m latin, I’m straight, and I can’t see much of a weird look between two men, cause I’ll be suspicious… but then, it was so obvious that they were all a bunch of sex pigs which probably preferred men over woman.

So after watching the movie, which was 3 hours long, thing that kept me in the seat waiting for something to save it, some really good good battle, but nah, more of the same, and even not so well done, too many gay scenes man, I really didn’t expect to see that.

Imagine going to Troy, or to Braveheart, expecting the next epic movie of the year, and all you get, is guys looking weird at each other, making out, not wanting to have girls during their youth… what the hell man???
Imagine, I don’t know, going to see The next Matrix style movie, and you end up seing some Drama Movie with a few Matrix effects, or a cornie storyline that could’ve been taken a lot further to make it remarkable.

I don’t know, there’s nothing wrong about being gay, I read about the movie when I came back home, and I found out that Alexander the great was known to have woman but he preferred man. So … I guess Oliver Stone tried to stick to more to the human -gay- side of Alexander, instead of his achievements as a conqueror, even though he had to push the movie one month away from it’s debut, since he had to cut sex scenes between Collin Farrel and the other guy that played the Persian Slave, which was known to be Alexander’s Sex Toy.

I suppose the gay crowed enjoyed it, I just laughed at it, and probably the girls that went to see Collin Farrel were a bit dissapointed. Bad Marketing, I felt lied to.

So If you ask me about it, I’ll tell you, If you want to see an ok epic movie, with a lot of long scenes on which they talked a lot of nonsense, and some gay scenes, you can see it in the theater, otherwise rent it, and have your children out of the room, it’s a bloody movie after all. ;)

If you want to learn a bit more about Alexander and his sexual story, I recommend you start by going to this article.

I make clear once again, I’ve nothing against gay people, I’ve many gay friends and I love them for being such brave and genuine persons and loyal friends. The movie wasn’t too much for me, just for the audience of a major hollywood film who expected a Troy like, Braveheart Like film with compelling battle scenes. The pitch line of the promo should’ve been “The Greatest Bisexual Leyend of all times was real”

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