Skiing tips for turns

Took a skiing lesson, I’ll write all these tips here so I can read it next year or the next time I go skiing now that it’s all fresh in my mind:

1. When it’s time to turn, don’t think about breaking with the turn, once you’ve turned the ending position of both skis will make you drop speed.

2. Always put your weight on the downhill ski, never on your uphill ski.

3. Don’t lift your uphill ski as you turn, it’s not necessary.

4. Don’t put them so close together as this will make you put weight on the uphill ski.

5. The uphill ski must barely be pressing against the snow, it should feel the same as when you slide two skis together down perpendicular to the slope from a standing position.

6. Your torso must always be facing the same way as your skis, don’t try to turn with your torso so much (as when you’re learning to turn with plows)

7. You can use your pole to turn when it’s steeper (if you don’t have to think about all the prior tips), still learning this one.

8. After you turn, try skiing on the edge of your skis.

9. If your legs start opening as you ski after the turn, shift your weight towards your downhill ski and bring your uphill closer, not the other way around (cause of falls)

10. After you can do all previous 9 without thinking, try to ski on the hill facing edges of your skis as soon as you make a turn, this is how you start training for carving. You should be leaving to thin lines of snow behind you.