Controlling Dopamine Levels with Gut-Based Nanobots: A New Approach to Parkinson’s Disease and Depression

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Today, I spent nearly 3 hours writing a science fiction paper on nanobots that can synthesize hormones in the human gut. I used a tool called ChatGPT, which is a large language model trained by OpenAI. It was able to assist me in writing a comprehensive and detailed paper that covered various aspects of the technology, including the engineering and legal sides.

I was amazed at how quickly ChatGPT was able to generate content and how it was able to accurately incorporate the various details and technical terms that I provided. It was almost as if I had a team of Ph.D candidates and postdoc researchers working alongside me, helping me to write the paper.

As I was working on the paper, I couldn’t help but think about how powerful this technology could become in the future. With more advanced versions of ChatGPT, it is not hard to imagine a world where researchers are able to write high quality, factual papers in just a few hours. This would allow for a tremendous acceleration of knowledge and progress, as predicted by Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns.

Overall, my experience with ChatGPT was extremely positive and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this technology. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct research and advance humanity’s understanding of the world.

Also, this blog post was created with ChatGPT.

Happiness and relief are cousins in the family of pleasure

All of those external factors which we need to interact with in order to survive and to guarantee the continuity of our species can produce addictive pleasure, addictive enough to motivate us to move that ass and do what has to be done with our lives.

Eating is enhanced with the sense of taste, a taste that’s only used when we eat or when we shouldn’t eat. The happiness felt through the pleasure in your taste buds when you enjoy every bite of that delicious meal, and the relief of letting all the impurity and left overs out of your body, it can be pleasurable sometimes that you actually don’t mind taking a shit one more time.

Visions of the Future, No more screens.

Recent conversations about completely unrelated technologies with my friend Alden had me coming back to the blog so I can share with you some of my visions of what I really expect the future to bring one day in terms of technology. Some of these ideas will seem far fetched, but hey, dreaming is free.

I’ll be writing about these visions in posts to come, some of them I think I could even be part of right now to start changing the lives of millions, others I know are completely out of my reach. VCs and Entrepreneurs start taking notes and steal the ideas.

The End of Computer and TV Screens

I want to live in a world where I don’t need a computer screen to use an operating system or watch tv or movies.
I want to live in a world where there’s no limit in screen resolution, where I’ll be only limited by the capacity of my brain to process images.

I think the solutions will be implemented somehow (we’re thinking very high level here) in the following stages:

The Visual Stream will be “projected” first onto my retina, it’ll be part of a pair of sun glasses, or glasses. In the same device there’s also a camera and microphone that exists to read my arms/hands gestures and to interpret voice commands.

Months later they’ll come up with smaller, better technology that can be embedded in contact lenses.

You could achieve this stages, at first using an external device for processing the data, namely your smartphone connects to the Retina Projector Wirelessly. As technology gets better (maybe truly powerful nano-computing happens) all the processing could be done in the the glasses or contact lenses themselves.

Years go by and then it happens the way it should. The user interface and video streams are projected directly into our Brain’s Visual Cortex, all input from you (arms, fingers, facial gestures and maybe even thoughts) is read directly from different sections of the brain.

The applications would be amazing, content could be delivered directly to us, no need for computers or even a workplace. This would kill huge part of the electronics industry and would create a replacing technological field (brain processing units -> BPUs) so we get a better experience year after year.

If you’re currently working with a computer in an office 24/7, you could be doing that laying by a pool with your eyes closed not moving an inch of your body, yet being extremely productive or entertained. How many times I’m extremely busy but I feel bad that I haven’t gone to the gym or for a walk to get a little workout, I wouldn’t have to hold my smartphone and read that tiny ass screen, I could be walking and reading news, a book, or watching tv in a translucent screen the size of the sky if I wanted to.

There is be no IMAX theater screen that can match the size of a screen that’s as big as your imagination.

Stay tuned for more tangible visions on Brain Computer Interaction, and ideas for Smartphone software that we could be building today (had I the resources to do so)

Dream: Export Company Dream

I was at a restaurant, it was so full they had a buffer table outside, I sat there to wait for Mauricio who was going to meet me. There was a man siting there, he was reading the menu. All of a sudden Luis Coa came, he greeted Mauricio with a handshake, he shook my hands with two hands, like a politician. Then he said “Hi Dad”, then we all laughed and said how small the world is, I told the that this was very funny since I thought recently about the way humans trust each other. It only takes a single node of trust to let us do things we’d never dream of with complete strangers.

Minutes later we were talking business, I’m not sure if it was his dad but I know I was supposed to start up an export company in Miami.

Then I’m in New York, somewhere in Brooklyn or Astoria, I had to look up for my mom since I was bringing her down to Miami, she did not live with Nicole. She lived atop a latin restaurant that now was claiming was a healthy place. Outside there was a sign that said “I Lost ___ pounds eating at [I can’t remember the name of the restaurant]”, and when I saw it I was like “yeah right”.

I went up stairs, now I remember, this place reminds me of the first room I got in West New York, NJ. It was old, seemed unsafe, and I barely fit through the spiral stairs which were surrounded by white metal bars. I only had the key to downstairs, before I called my mom looked out and saw me, can’t remember what she said.

Next thing we’re somewhere far, the dream or what I remember from it mixes parts from a long river with yellow transparent waters, a beach area of my childhood, and the mountains of la guaira. It was day but it looked like the night. Then I was showing my mom about a kid who could control the water, and he and a friend came close to where we stood, some sort of cement pier, they came with surfboards and they controlled the water. Then I told her how she should see what he does in the winter with almost frozen water.

She told me to jump and swim in front of them, I looked down, there were rocks at the bottom, but very far down, there was somebody walking down there without a tank, and I said to her no way, she asked why, I bullshitted her about the rocks, I was just afraid to jump.

The water I remember had like a membrane of dirt on top.

I can’t remember much more, but I know the dream goes on to a part where I’m doing some exports and everything is doing well.

September 24th 2009
Dream Log to help achieve Lucid Dreaming

Receta para hacer a tu hombre Feliz

Esto sale de una conversacion en una de las listas de correo que tenemos mi grupo de amigos mas cercanos.

Damas, vean que facil es darle el cielo a su hombre, sin gastar un centavo, pq todo lo pueden tener ya en la casa. Que cosmopolita ni que carajo de revista, lean este post y tendran el secreto para ponerle la mejor de las sonrisas a su hombre este fin de semana.


  • Un Novio/Esposo/Peor es nada que le gusten los video juegos (No tienes que comprar la consola, ni el juego, lo mas seguro es que el ya tenga estos dispositivos)
  • Un domingo lluvioso o sin nada que hacer en la manana o en la tarde
  • Un pa˜ito o “paper towel”
  • Carne para bistek, papas para freir, cebolla, tomate, aguacate
  • Cerveza, jugo o refresco
  • Cigarros, cenicero (si el fuma)
  • Cafe (opcional si le gusta un cafe)
  • Voluntad

Vean como lo describe mi amigo, cito:

Dime si no les provoca estar jugando su juego favorito en interiores echado a todo dar en el sofa y que mientras estas pegao en la nota se acerca la jeva y te dice :

“No vayas a dejar de jugar, tu has como que no existo”.

Y de una te baja los interiores y te da una mamada brutal de paloma…

después que acabas apenas terminas te limpia con un pañito que ni te pillaste de donde lo sacó, te pregunta si quieres una coca cola con hielo o si prefieres una cerveza? Le contestas la de tu preferencia a esa hora y luego cuando ella se va y regresa con la bebida te dice:

“Sigue jugando, que voy a estar en la cocina preparandote una parrillita mixta con papitas fritas y ensalada de tomate, cebolla, aguacate y palmito a la vinagreta”.

Diganme si eso no seria la gloria?

Ahh por cierto, faltó el detalle que cuando te trae la bebida te acerca el cenicero con los cigarros, tabacos y encendedor por si te apetece fumar algo.

El paraiso en tu hogar…

Luego mi amigo concluye diciendo:

Marico lo peor es que todo eso seria muy sencillo para hacer para la jeva, casi que con el mercado de la casa te podría dar ese menu facilmente sin gastar en nada, porque básicamente el mercado, los cigarros, y la cerveza o el refresco los pagaste tu… la consola que estas jugando también te la compraste tu… así que básicamente el gran esfuerzo seria mamarte la paloma y no pretender que le pares media bola mientras lo hace y de resto cocinar.

Es muy fácil el secreto de la felicidad para nosotros marico jejejeje.

Me imagino que situación describiría una jeva que fuera una gloria para ella… seguramente una vaina toda imposible forzada de hacer y que requiere de una inversión considerable o por lo menos fuera de los gastos diarios jajajaja.

Que tienen que decir las damas lectoras de este blog? Cual seria su situacion ideal, tendriamos que salir de nuestro presupuesto para hacerlas felices, creen que pueden sugerir algo sencillo, que pueda realizarse dentro de la casa sin hacer nada demasiado extraordinario? Continue reading

Suenos: Terremoto en Pto. La Cruz

Anoche tuve otro sueno full vivido, sone que la tierra temblo en un principio, haciendo un ruido como si hubiese explotado una bomba dentro del suelo.

Pasaron muchas otras cosas en el sueno, y estaba en una casa de playa en puerto la cruz, y en eso empezo a sonar durisimo, y yo lo que pensaba era, maldicion, estoy en Pto. La Cruz, donde peor son los terremotos en Venezuela. Lo bueno del sueno es que apenas empezo a temblar yo estaba enseguida bajo el marco de una puerta.

Segun el diccionario de los suenos, este sueno representa miedo o inseguridad sobre mis negocios, de salir herido en el terremoto quiere decir que seria susceptible a no adaptarme a los cambios, de cubrirme, tal como lo hice gracias a Dios, voy a superar cualquier dificultad.

So, a adaptarse a cualquier cambio que pudiera venir, y todo saldra bien.

Suenos: Me corte los pies y el brazo derecho con botellas de vidrio transparente

Son las 3:30am, acabo de despertar, tuve una pesadilla en la cual al inicio estaba caminando descalso en mi casa y me corte los pies, luego al tratar de levantarme, mi mano derecha, sin querer, se apoyo sobre una botella que estaba cubierta, y por algun motivo se quebro de manera muy fragil, los vidrios se enterraron profundamente en mi brazo, y dolia mucho.

Empeze a llorar, un vidrio era largo y fino, y se habia clavado profundo como una estaca, el segundo no me habia dado cuenta que estaba ahi.

Mi novia en el sueno me llevo hasta el bano, y yo tenia miedo de sacar el vidrio, pensaba que me iba a desangrar y morir, ademas ella nunca habia sacado vidro de la piel asi de profundo, al sacar el vidrio, solo salio una o dos gotas de sangre, y se desaparecieron rapidamente. Pero luego me di cuenta, que tenia un vidrio plano, clavado en todo su borde a lo largo del brazo, bien profundo, logramos sacarlo, dolio, pero no sangre y me desperte.

Aun puedo sentir el vidrio en el brazo.

Nunca habia sonado que me habia cortado, asi que me levante y busque en diccionarios de sueno lo que podria significar:

– Cambios en la vida
– Terminacion de empresas en forma abrupta
– Una muerte accidental

Ahora si que me cague mas….

Tambien hace como un mes, sone que estaba montado en un caballo de la policia de Nueva York, a pelo, agarrandolo por los pelos, pero tuve que bajarme del caballo y devolverme caminando a pie, caminando por un terreno lleno de escombros y basura totalmente descalzo. Al final del sueno, estaba de vuelta en mi casa con mi madre.

Montar a caballo significa exito, riqueza.

Espero que solo sean suenos, pero aqui quedan anotados como prueba de cualquier prediccion.

Dream+Conspiracy Theory: NSA + Google + Human Genome Project = 1

It’s been a while I don’t wake up and write down what I just dreamed, let’s see how well I remember the dream I had this morning.

It seems the episode of south park where the elderly people take over the town to recover their driver’s licenses, in a funny way has some truth to it, old people wake up fucking early, some of them get things done while we sleep in, some of them just wake up on a saturday morning at 6:30am and start yelling at their TV.

Last night I went to bed at 3am coding language support for SnowRSS (yay finally) and this morning, the old man that lives next to me, who fucking speaks yells to the TV everytime he sees what he considers a bad sport player “Get Rid of Him, That son of a Bitch” (with an italian accent), woke me up just now, at 7:30am, If he only knew the tv can’t hear him and he rembered that he’s yelling, I would have a much better story to tell you now.

From the dream, I just remember I was either talking or thinking that the NSA (National Security Agency) owned the Human Genome Project, also they owned Google because they needed to know more about people’s life for one of it’s purposes.

In this case, it seemed the government had a project where all this information could be used to factor humans with specific qualities to target different problems. Let me explain,
If they for example needed a human being that had certain characteristics phisically, and certain mind characteristics for a task they foresaw in the future, such as the creation of a nanoweapon or something very different but equally important to them, as the creation of a political leader, etc.

The government would use their data on people’s behaviour, social background, relationships, and their genetic data, to be able to know which people should get together to live (at different levels, who should be friends, who should live together, who should leave you) to “naturally” engineer special human beings… this means, suppose you were born in 1980 and you had a certain cultural background and social interaction, and you were one of the key factors on the creation of this special being, they would run your data (genetic, social, cultural, academical, profesional, tastes, shopping behaviour, medical, etc) against thousands of people found to be usable for this project, then with the outputs of this computations they would find someone else born in 83, in certain region of the world, would be convenient to marry you so that you can have a child with certain characteristics which in turn could either be THE ONE, or part of the next process for the creation of THE ONE.
I know I’m crazy, but I think everything is possible, and once again… this was a dream.

If this match wasn’t needed in the next few years, they could run this algorithm in several other possible couples in all the world to find a match for your would be children, and so on in as many necessary generations, until they’d finally have that perfect person for that important role.

Then they would use their tentacles to have you live and work and certain places, meet certain people, etc (remember the power they have, remember other people might be engineered to be part of the process of engineering of others), it’s almost as if we were genetically pre-programmed, that we all had a purpose.

    So that’s what I remember from this dream. Things I’ve watched this week:

  • South Park every night
  • V for Vendetta
  • Lost

I’ve also thought a lot about the Matrix, how I think a lot of people in the Matrix were just programs that had a purpose, and how in a way, Agents were like Garbage collection systems, entitled to delete unreferenced objects from the memory of the Matrix, they talked a lot about purpose, when Objects aren’t referenced by anyother element in a system, it means they’re done with what they’re doing, and it’s the job of the Garbage collector to clean unused memory, I think that’s what the Agent’s were in the matrix, a much more higher level version of Garbage Collection inside that massive interactive neural simulation.
Gotta love that fucking movie.