Google’s Financial Trading Team might have way too much advantage

Someone who commented at Silicon Alley Insider seems to think like me:

How do you know the traders are not breaching the trust between Google’s customers and Google by using information gleaned from say gmail, google docs, android, google voice, google maps, google’s calendar, google buzz, orkut, etc.?

Susan: Hey Jack did you hear the rumor that P&G is thinking about purchasing X?

Jack: No. Let’s see what we can find about the CEO.

Susan: Sure. I saw in a picture once that she has an Android. Let’s use maps, calendar, docs, and voice to see whether, she has been talking to X, physically been to X, scheduled to meet with X, or written about X, or searched about X recently.

Jack: Good idea

How about this

Paul: Kerkorian has a meeting with Hilton and certainly been googling, etc. about Hilton a lot recently, and has been going to his lawyers a lot. His activity is similar to what he did before when he tried a hostile take over of Y.

Jennifer: We should buy some stock just in case.

Jack: Great idea.

Hopes this helps.

Game Developer says he hates iPhone App Store and tinkles with price of his app, Gets banned.

Way to go Apple, your iPhone App Store policies remind me of Latin American Dictatorships.

It will be easy to tell by developers that it’s a lot better to sell on Android, eventually the Android userbase will be way bigger than that of the iPhone (iPad). You missed your boat on the Apple TV (for not taking that project seriously), Android on the TV might make it to our living rooms thus creating a huge gaming market. You’re doomed if you don’t change your ways, milk the AppStore while you can.

So if you raise the price of YOUR app, you get banned? or was it because Tommy told you the truth of how much your AppStore sucks?

NOTE: I’m a Mac user, I love Apple most of Apple products but I just have a huge beef with the iPhone OS, the iPad and the AppStore. It is what it is, I’m not a blind fanboy.

Got Co-Workers asking Stupid Questions all the Time?


If you didn’t get to choose your development team and your company doesn’t have a rigorous hiring process for software developers, you’re very likely to to be surrounded by a few idiots.

Constant interruptions are bad for concentration and they hurt productivity.

If this is your situation I recommend you start acting like an asshole and bring this mug to work.

The funny thing is that depending on the level of hacker literacy of those around you they might even have the naivety to ask you what the mug letters mean the first time they see it (if they have some curiosity for your geek toys), after a first explanation of the mug letters the next time you’re too busy to answer things which can be Googled just raise your mug and drink (or pretend to be drinking), a mean look while drinking helps too. If they remember what those letters meant they’ll start thinking about it before asking questions. It’s Netiquette applied to the real world.

If they keep asking stupid questions just send them this post and remind them about your mug.

HP Slate: “Sup Biatch, Who’s your Flash Daddy?” ADAM: “Me”

No wonder Adobe wasn’t sweating it much when Steve Jobs was bad mouthing them…

Check the HP Slate demo video by Adobe after the break, gotta love it when he rubs it in by saying that 85% of the Top Websites run flash. Sorry Steve, I’m not with you on this one, Flash is no dying technology and after all you can’t be right all the time. However… where will I put my money? certainly not on a Windows running device, find out about why I think you should not even consider the iPad, and what’s already more promising than the HP Slate.
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