Our Brain is First-Class simulation software

I’m fascinated by the concept of “reality”, and lately I’ve seen and read from different authors references about the subject. Most recently I read a passage from Richard Dawkins on his book “The God Delusion” that deals with reality.

The human brain runs first-class simulation software. Our eyes don’t present to our brains a faithful photograph of what is there, or an accurate movie of what is going on thorugh time. Our brains construct a continuosly updated model: updated by coded pulses chattering along the optic nerve, but constructed nevertheless. Optical illusions are vivid reminders of this.

Imagine for a second that there’s no such thing as vision, that everybody on earth is limited to just taste, touch, smell and hearing. That “reality” as we know it, is represented, reproduced in our brains based only on the data of those 4 sensors. We all share the same reality and there’s nothing more than that. Then imagine you are given eyes. The difference on the perception of reality between darkness and full vision is eons apart.

Based on these two vastly different representations of reality imagine now that I give you yet an new sensor that you can’t even imagine, or eyes a million times better, that could allow you to see in every spectrum of light, that could allow you to zoom in to an atomic level, or that could allow you to see at will N frames per second thus allowing you to almost stop time.

There’s a hell of a lot more out there that we limited human beings can’t see, if we barely know what’s real I guess it’s understandable that many people believe in simple explanations of the universe such as god.

Thougts about world domination

After seeing Zeitgeist – The Movie, 2007 a couple times, these are the thougts in my mind.

World Bankers use:

  • Myths:
    • Religions (which go untaxed, and collect billions of dollars)
    • Terrorism (the faceless and impossible to beat enemy we can chase forever)
  • Distractions:
    • Media (controlled press, movies)
    • Consumist Culture (a lot of people have no clue what to spend their money on, so they buy themselves into what’s fashionable, which is promoted by the media)
    • Mediocre Educational Systems
    • Video Games, Movies (which distract me a lot)
  • War (to print more money which is borrowed at interest)
  • Oil (for which they control the supply and pricing, and pretty much enslaves the world)

And all of this uses the money that they print.

The Myths help bankers to create fear, with fear people accept Wars, Invasions, Rendition of Civil rights, all with a nodding fearful smile, just as long as we are safe and we’re doing the right thing according to our morals and religious beliefs.

The entertainment serves as a bubble, so we don’t bother in looking for the truth ourselves. You just need to see at Jib Jab’s video about all the things that happened in 2007 and you’ll see how well entertained we were while the oil price went to $100, and while a lot of people died all over the world in wars that are funded by bankers which lend the money at interest. I sometimes think, is there really an energy crisis? isn’t it also media bullshit so that markets panic and the oil prices keep getting higher? If these theories are true, the “men behind the curtains” are awesomely smart and powerful.

So what do we do?

I intend to use this knowledge and become a banker myself or at least as close to that as I can, the system is too hard to beat, since people accept the enslavery willingfully. Others might prefer becoming hippies with no possesions, others just don’t give a shit and will still act as the slaves they were meant to be.

Can you beat the system? I don’t think so.

How do you convince people that they really don’t need to believe in God, that there’s no such need and that it doesn’t exist? why do they blindly and massively believe in a myth? Why don’t they use their time on better things than praying (having mental monologues) and giving money to churches on which they get politically endoctrinated on sundays?

Another thing we can do, is starting to look for the truth by ourselves. Maybe things are the way they are, and Zeitgeist is just one big conspiracy theory, however it presents some facts about religion, wars and banks that you can’t help to think about.

If you want to feel like a slave, just go up and fill your gas tank, and look at the toll go up fast as hell while all you can think is “please stop, please stop, please stop”, and then end up paying $50 to fill up your tank.

I wanna be a world banker when I grow up, if you have a better idea on what to do to beat the system please leave a reply or two.

Opinion de Napoleon sobre Religion

“La Religion es lo que evita que el pobre asesine al rico”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Que coincidencia que la gran mayoria de los grandes hombres de la historia eran Ateos, o sus alusiones a “Dios” no son al mismo concepto de “Dios” que tiene la gran masa de gente.

A las personas que aun creen en “Dios”, pero que tienen una mentalidad un poco abierta como para buscar algo de verdad y no dejar que la autoridad sea la verdad, les recomiendo ver este documental, trata sobre el mito del cristianismo, y quienes controlan verdaderamente el mundo por medio de religion, redes bancarias y guerras.


Google Video: Zeitgeist (completa con subtitulos en espanol)

YouTube: Amero, la nueva moneda para USA, Canada y Mexico (Quizas el por que del actual desprestigio del dolar americano, primero vendra el Amero, luego la union del Euro y el Amero, luego una moneda mundial… un gobierno mundial?)

Podcast – Locura en Masa – Ep 01

Download en mp3

Capitulo introductorio de Locura en Masa, una serie de podcasts que prometi iba a sacar para exponer por que si utilizamos la razon es totalmente absurdo creer en cualquier religion, y porque no… en Dios.

No apto para personas de ferviente fe, esto no es para uds. no queremos debatir, pq simplemente no tienen ningun argumento logico para probar que Dios existe, sin embargo, si quieren ver el dano que causan las religiones al mundo, y son capaces de admitir que su fe puede caer facilmente en la duda, o que admitan que por mas veces que hayan intentado hablar con Dios siempre se ha tratado de un monologo, entonces vale la pena que escuchen este podcast.

No quiero destruir ninguna religion, simplemente exponer por medio de razon, y con hechos, investigacion, y datos cientificos porque pienso como pienso.

En esta edicion INTRODUCTORIA:

  • Introduccion, Aclaratorias
  • Fervientes NO creedores respetables
  • Teistas, Deistas, Panteistas, Ateistas (Aun ni yo tengo esto bien claro, si pueden comenten al respecto)
  • Respeto no merecido