jconsole: “Connection Failed: Retry?” #SOLVED #java #jmx

So you wrote a piece of server software and you found out about JMX and the jconsole tool to remotely monitor all sorts of interesting metrics remotely, all without adding a single line of code to your project.

Say you want to run it the simplest way possible with no authentication, the tutorial says that these are the options you need to pass to the remote virtual machine to enable JMX remote monitoring on some port (let’s put 9595 for illustrative purposes).



But when you open your jconsole on your local computer to connect to the remote server…

jconsole myserver.com:9696

You get this fucking error no matter what you do.

You’re just missing one more option they must have forgotten to mention in the retard tutorial at oracle.com

(let’s use IP address as the remote server IP)

-Djava.rmi.server.hostname= #ip of the remote machine, yes the ip, not the name


20 thoughts on “jconsole: “Connection Failed: Retry?” #SOLVED #java #jmx

  1. Thanks for the very clear explanation. Really helpful. I couldn’t figure it out why the remote connection worked from the same host but failed when using jconsole from any other host (defeats the point of using remote connexion really). Oracle’s tutorial needs to be update because it’s misleading.

    I also wonder why the rmi server can’t automatically pick up a local ip…?

  2. hey oie disculpa pero tu hiciste un video de frostwire encontre esta pagina
    queria saver donde conseguiste el tema que estas usando en ubuntu
    supongo que es de gnomenu pero me gustaria saver el nombre del tema 🙂
    espero tu respuesta

    1. wow, ese video era muy viejo, la verdad que no recuerdo si el tema que tenia venia por defecto con ese ubuntu (dado que el video mostraba como instalar ubuntu, asi que no creo que habria dado chance de ponerle tema)

  3. How To Install FrostWire on Ubuntu Netbook Remix (youtube)
    ese es el nombre del video sino lo hiciste tu disculpa por molestarte 🙂

  4. hi there,

    nice post.

    You’ve given the port to use as 9595 (-Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=9595′)
    but you’re trying to connect to port 9696. I hope that’s a typo on the blog post and not what happened really ?


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