So I did go to Austria!!!

I guess I haven’t had too much time to blog.
I came with some teamates from LimeWire to Austria for something we geeks call a ‘SnowSprint’.

It’s a Code Sprint, which means, people from all over the world come to work together, to teach and learn from each other, 7 days, everybody inside an amazing hut located on the top of a snowy mountain somewhere in Austria.

I’ve shot several hundred pictures from the moment we left New York till our adventure brought us here. So, you can see all the pictures on my Flickr if you like to see pictures about travelling, snowy mountains and of course if you’re a fan of Guby (just kidding).

So, now it’s 2:51am Austria time, 8:51pm NY, 9:51 Caracas, gotta go to sleep.
Finally I’m getting up to speed when it comes to Zope, Plone and Python.

Dream: Flying Girl on the runway.

From what I remember I was playing Capoeira in the Dream, and I would go over and over to the Roda, I guess this has to do with my teacher telling me that I have to play more in the Roda and loosen up, I gotta get more games, so I was doing it on the dream, and I was enjoying myself.

Then I was on an airport, an american airport, and I had just come to the US, and I kept thinking that I had to go back to Venezuela because my mom was telling me she didn’t want me to stay too long.

Somehow as I got to the airport I was really loaded with money, and I decided that I would just send money right away, I wasn’t going back, it was too much risk (cause my country is now being overtaken by comunism)

So I was looking towards the runway and then I see the weirdest shit ever. This woman was laying down on the floor, actually floating very close to the floor (facing down), she had a red tshirt, and bright blue shorts, white sneakers, she was blonde, she had a “pony tail” on her hair, and then she started moving her arms and legs, as if she was swiming like a frog, and she quickly started going forward on the runway, and then I knew my mom was with me in the airport, and I turned back and said:

“Shit mom, look at this, I’ve dreamed about doing this, come quick you gotta see her, I can’t believe she’l flying, and this is not a dream, this is real life…”

I kept thinking about her being like a superwoman, the first on real life, and I was looking at her doing her thing. I went outside, and then she started flying upwards, and doing circles over the airport, and I was marvelled.

Then as I was part of a website, on the upper part of the screen, there was a small score window, with two indicators, EI and EF, the EI had a number and a green bar next to it, and the EF had another number and a red squared bar next to it.

Somehow these numbers meant money and stress level. And then I saw the woman’s indicators, and she had shitload of money and she had 0 on her stress indicator.

So I told her, “teach me how to fly!”, and as she was leading me through the runway, I was flying maybe only about an inch above the runway and my money score was going down very fast, but my stress level was going down very slow.

Somehow, I had children, they were cheering for me, “Fly daddy! Fly! You can do it!”, and as I flew close to the ground, I’d see these 2lt plastic bottles (yeah like soda) and they were in colors, green and purple, with the bold, capital letters “STRESS”, and they were all empty.  So I figured out she would drink this to get rid of her stress, but now that I think about it, it’s probably the opposite, I must have drinked them all cause I couldn’t fly.

The blonde woman looked very much like my girlfriend (bodywise), but her face was like of a 40something woman, then she took me to a rooftop, and she grabbed me by the hand and told me to believe that I could fly. We started running towards the border, and of course, I didn’t believe, I said to my self, she’ll just push me up.

So she took me up, by my left arm, and it was so real, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening… and then I don’t know what happened, and I woke up, and I was pissed and smiling at the same time, silly me… how didn’t I know it was a dream all along.

Nice to see my code being used.

Some time ago, I created a simple PHP Script that creates thumbnails out of the pictures inside a folder, put’s a textwater mark on the pictures, and creates a browsable thumbnail page, on which you can click on the pictures, and go back and forward, and back to the thumbnail table. (Everything is done on the fly though, the thumbnails aren’t saved)
I pasted this script here, and it’s nice to see people I don’t even know who are using it and recommending it, and hopefully hacking it for their own needs. Let’s hope I can keep sharing more useful stuff in the future.

Te esperaré toda la vida

Te esperaré toda la vida -“Es natural ver siempre a la señora Modesta, sentada en su mecedora ubicada en la puerta de su casa. no es que la critique, pero llevo 7 años conociendola, y con seguridad puedo afirmar que lo unico que nunca ha de cambiar en su vida es esa maldita rutina diaria que tiene. La de ubicarse frente a la puerta de su casa, sentarse en su vieja mecedora, sacar sus artículos de costura y tejer mientras ve de un lado a otro a la gente que diariamente trancita por estas calles que sin querer ella inunda de nostalgia. Lo chistoso fue que un día me cansé de apreciar su tristeza, y fui a preguntarle el porque de su diaria rutina… entonces ella me respondio lo siguiente”:

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Another Beta of Internet Explorer 7 has leaked

You can see some screenshots here.

The things that caught my attention:

  • Being able to define multiple homes which will be opened on all your tabs. This was a no brainer, you always end up opening the same 4 or 5 pages when you open Firefox right? I’m sure firefox already has this thanks to a Firefox extension, if not, Firefox attention to all FF extension coders this should be an easy one to code, just save a bunch of urls on a file, and have them opened on different tabs when the browser launches (put an option to turn this on or off, and link the action/extension to the HOME button of firefox)
  • Being able to see all your tabs on a thumbnail, that’s pretty cool.

Flirting with Python – A plugin for xchat

Here’s the first version of an xchat plugin some friends from Venezuela and I wrote.

This is one of our first attempts to code something useful in python that’ll we hope gets to be used by someone on the opensource community who often uses to show their code and collaborate when they need help.

The idea is to issue /pastebin <filepath> and the plugin posts the file automatically in, adding your current nickname and autoselecting the programming language based on the extension of the file. Once published, it sends a message to the channel saying you just posted something, and places a link for everyone to check your code in

Download xchat plugin

Licensed under the GPL.

Save the file to your ~/.xchat2/ folder and next time you open xchat the plugin will be loaded automatically, then at any time just type /pastebin {path_to_file} and the file will be uploaded to and it will tell the URL where others can see your post.

MMORPG D&D Article

Those gamers who play MMORPGs like Runescape (*looks to the left*), and those who lost their social life over to WOW, you might want to  check this article about the new D&D online.

The article includes 3 videos with audio comments.

If I only would have the time to play.