command line speed test, see how fast is your server’s connection

Save the following script in a file called speed_test #!/bin/bash # Requirements # sudo apt-get install lftp iperf lftp -e ‘pget; exit; ‘ make sure the file is executable: sudo chmod +x speed_test Once you have installed lftp and iperf make sure you have the script somewhere in your $PATH. The script basically downloads […]

WordPress: Cannot create directory error, got everything chmoded to 777?

So you went as far as chmod’ing your entire folder structure to 777 (very unsafe), you’ve hacked wp/wp-admin/includes/file.php return new WP_Error( ‘mkdir_failed_ziparchive’, __( get_current_user() . ‘ Could not create directory. (‘.$_dir.’)’ )… to print out exactly what directory it cannot create and what user is trying to create the folder, everything is correct, yet it […]