command line speed test, see how fast is your server’s connection

Save the following script in a file called speed_test


# Requirements
# sudo apt-get install lftp iperf

lftp -e 'pget; exit; '

make sure the file is executable: sudo chmod +x speed_test

Once you have installed lftp and iperf make sure you have the script somewhere in your $PATH.

The script basically downloads an ubuntu iso and does the math.

The output looks like this on a AWS m3.large instance:

$ speed_test
1054871586 bytes transferred in 14 seconds (70.37M/s)

Multiply by 8 to convert 70.37M/s to Megabits per second = 562.96 Mbit/s

AWS’s download speeds for m3.large instances is half a gigabit in January 2016. (or is that the upload speed of the Ubuntu ISO server?)

Finally my genome tells me where I’m from

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.59.44 PM
Sequencing my DNA in 2013 just cost me $100, exponential technological advancements in effect.

Maybe in 2 years it’ll only cost $10, and in 4 years only $1. rocks, I highly recommend you try this and know in advance what you can do to preserve your health and learn so much about genetics and how they define and affect you.

Call to an end of keys and locks as we know them

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.45.12 AM

I’m personally trying to simplify my life as much as possible, getting rid of the things I don’t need/enjoy. Keys are one of them. When you have too many locks in your life, this is particularly uncomfortable, and those few electronic locks in the mix that you find nowadays with fobs/passwords can only help so much, fobs still can be lost (lost my office’s key fob this week for example, it’s been a nightmare and it’ll cost me $50 to replace if I don’t find it)

In an ideal world, whoever solves this problem in a way that it’s cheap, safe, uses as little energy as possible (none would be sick so it can compete with regular keys, or at least human energy) wil have a billion dollar in his/her hands.

The ideal solution should work like magic, and these locks should be installable in doors, gates and vehicles. No passwords should be shared, and the lock magically opens to those who are authorized to use them.

These news by Motorola/Google are very promising, however I don’t buy the “pill” solution, but I’d definitively be willing to apply some sort of invisible electronic NFC tattoo in my hand or my arm, so that when my hand is near the lock it gives off a unique magnetic signature so I can be validated. Think NFC chips for your body.

For those of you who don’t want to have a tattoo, perhaps there could be a version of the NFC tag that we could place on the back of your watch if you wear one, or if you wear rings or some kind of jewelry at all times it could be attached there.

The idea is that you don’t have to carry your authentication mechanism in a wallet or a key ring, so that you can just go out not worrying about carrying keys with you because you are or have the keys on you all the time.

My First Raspberry PI Project: DIY ARM Video Game Console.

I got everything on amazon, didn’t pay for shipping (Prime member):


So far I bought:
Raspberry PI ($48)

Raspberry PI case ($14)

Power adapter ($2.25)

SNES-like Controller with USB jack ($10.75)

SanDisk SDHC 16GB class 6 (30mb/s) ($15)

I first intend to install Ubuntu ARM along with several video game console emulators for NES, SNES, SEGA, N64.

People at the Raspberry PI G+ Community have suggested instead to install arch linux and keep it light, I’ll go first for ubuntu since I know it well.

However I’m thinking that a more interesting option, given that it has an ARM processor is to install Android Jelly Bean on it and see if not only I can run game emulators on it, I’ll be running and testing FrostWire for Android on it.

Ever since I started developing FrostWire for Android I’ve thought that Android has everything in it to be a desktop operating system, maybe Raspberry PI’s will be the hardware I’ll use to prove my vision.

The idea is to end up with a nice tutorial on how to do this after I’m done so you can all do it. In the meantime I’ll keep posting updates.

Can the brain of a man be programmed by man-conceived language and programmers?

When you try to express thought, intent, backed behind some other abstract motivation as a way to cope with the boredom of “reality”, a.k.a. we’re just a bunch of fucking fancy monkeys on a spec of dust. playing a social mind/video game we that must of us somehow respect called “society”, it’s only because our advanced brains have managed to build common abstractions upon abstractions product of which we have things like the technologies that make our lives so much easier.

We’re so advanced now that we have created different conventions of thought to express ideas, some simple, some so genius that can only by understood by few but admired, adored and never really understood by the majority, e.g. nanoscale chip design, nobel prize winner discoveries, Mozart’s work, The Google Search Engine. These individuals managed to be WAY WAY more prominent than the rest, they’re so prominent in fact, that the product of their focus and work has managed to linger in the brains of many of us, ideas, constructs and abstractions so powerful that never die and that actually make it into the real world to change reality.

However, these minds of ours keep expressing their thoughts using the same conventions: Language, Math, Technology, Art, (I’ll even put Religion on this list), and languages, languages, languages, in my case the most amazing abstractions I’ve ever come up with are expressed using computer programming languages.

There’s a certain difficulty in expressing thought and logic through mathematical based logical expressions, tokens, and commands, upon which we start building all sort of high level abstractions, some that could never be matched to what most people realize reality is about.

A programming language is certainly a much lower language than the one that runs on the ultimate computer of all, the human brain.

The human brain runs such an amazing architecture that it can understand thought to such extent that we can collaborate or admire the thoughts of others, e.g. Musicians, Music Lovers, Artists, Art Lovers, Scientists, Science lovers (most geeks are in this group), Film.., you get it…

Once you realize this, you can begin to try and express what you feel or recognize from world with your own abstractions, most of them are probably impossible to expres unless someone is on your brain. I think these are the hidden lower levels, less secure levels of the programming language of the matrix. 😉

Eventually we realize that we can’t be programmed (ultimate human ego trip follows…) that we are like the center of the matrix, the one that runs that simulation, we’re just a special combination of matter in the center of the very universe, capable to start to describe itself, the more it can describe, based on what it learns, it’ll ultimate find out through the spread of thoughts like mine that WE are the creators of the universe, we’re just busy enjoying the moment a little too much now.

So life… if you are elsewhere out there, you’re just another awesome combination, confabulation of a massive amount of atoms to form conscience.

Then, if lower languages born out of such a capable computer, a computer that runs on any language and that learns instantly sometimes to repeat the motion of lots of atoms the same way (thought, cause, reaction), you must realize that it is your mind that programs the universe. Then you can control it.

Are you still up here with me? 😉

PS: And of course, you must start by trying your universe manipulating programming language (run in that brain of yours, what a cool “cpu architecture” eh?) by manipulating others to do as you please, just make sure to use them wisely. #hipnosys #massiveHipnosys

Share, Print and Stick the PedoPope #CODE

Here’s how it looks when you print it:

Pedopope #CODE by Gubatron is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Learning how to draw with Pencil I became inspired with lips and tits #CODE

I’m learning how to draw so that I can illustrate my ideas and express myself through visual language (and maybe change the world one day with #streetart).

I’ve been drawing mostly with markers, then oil based sharpies, but tonight I decided to learn how to use pencil, eraser and a sharing stump.

My first exercise was drawing female lips, I took a picture of my moleskine with instagram and the filter that was applied made the lips look as if they were the weird nipple of a very round breast…

Immediately my first pencil piece came to mind. I searched for “round tits” and “angelina jolie” images on (i happen to like their image search better for adult content) and started drawing away. After I posted on instagram they asked me for a photoshop version, so here you have both results of tonight’s artistic catarsis.

Here you go #CODE , both on Pencil #lips #tits #liptits #lipstits #art #pencil #photoshop