How to remove a Bra with one Hand (POV)

I learned the trick from a couple of other videos in youtube, however I thought they were badly shot and I decided to make my own version from the point of view of the person taking the bra off.

Wish I someone had taught me this trick years ago, thanks Internet for being such a great teacher.

Geek T-Shirt Collection #15 – FrostWire Beach Fest 2007

This one was made by a founding member of the FrostWire project, there’s only a handful of these out there in the world, I’m lucky to have it, I think it looks even cooler than the official t-shirt, almost designer made.

Geekshirt #15 - FrostWire's Summer Beach Fest 2007 - Front

Geekshirt #15 - FrostWire's Summer Beach Fest 2007 - Back

shameless marketing plug
And I’d like to use the occasion to let you know that the work of winter has resulted in a new version of FrostWire 4.18.0, make sure you download it from the official website only.

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Credit Cards for Dummies

The recent news about the credit card interest rate hikes has reminded me to write this post about how to use your credit card and never get in debt.

If you recently got your first credit card, please remember these very simple rules.

  1. Don’t buy shit you can’t afford
  2. Always pay your balance in full

If you follow these simple rules, you won’t ever be affected by stupid interest rate hikes since you’ll owe nothing to the bank.

To explain a little further rule #2, when your credit card statement comes, DON’T EVER pay the “Minimum Amount Due“, pay everything you charged for during the last period, leave the balance in 0, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your belly to know the bank won’t stick it up your ass anytime soon.

If you can’t pay everything you charged, it means you didn’t follow rule #1, shame on you!

Another tip, don’t use your credit card for the “points” or the “Rewards”, it’s all a load of crap.

Remember, a Credit Card is not Free Money. Believe it or not there seems to be a shitload of people out there that don’t seem to follow these 2 simple rules and now they’re “pwned” by the banks and crying to papa Obama.