Miami Beach Babes: Lincoln Road Legs. Volume I

Update: Miami Beach Babes: Lincoln Road Legs. Volume II

Fashionable and beautifulThey say you gotta make magic out of what you got. After leaving NY, it’s hard not to miss it, it’s an incomparable city and you have to find the highlights of where you live.

Tango legsIn Miami (thankfully I don’t have a jealous wife) I think one of the ups are the women. In NY at this time of the year you’ll hardly see any skin, in Miami there’s plenty to see and best of all the women are gorgeous down here. You got all sorts of latin curvy women and also the European models that come down here for the weather or swimsuit photo shoots, if you’re in South Beach you’ll have your head turning.

Enjoy the first of several volumes of my voyeur photographic adventures in South Beach, FL.
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