X-Men III – The best of the 3

I went yesterday to the opening of X-Men III, and I found it as the best of the 3 movies (Wish it had been this way for the Matrix, my favorite is the second, the third had a too simple ending)

I was expecting a lot from the Da Vinci code, but they couldn’t make it as rich as the book because there’s moronic people in the world who wouldn’t understand or appreciate the historic details, the simbology explanations of the book or better yet, the code breaking. So, I guess that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much, it was good though.

But this year, the movie I’ve enjoyed more, the one that kept me entertained, laughing, and didn’t let me blink was X-Men III, I truly recommend this film, specially if you saw the last 2 installments.

The second movie I enjoyed more from what this year has brought us has been V for Vendetta, there was a lot of political message and hints of how fucked up our political systems are while they present a great story.

Now I’m looking forward to see “An Inconvenient Truth” a film about the effects of global warming, you should see the trailer, it’s a film presented by Al-Gore, who maybe doing a little political campaign while creating awareness of this problem.

So, don’t wait another second and get your tickets to see X-Men III this weekend.

Oh. and reading user comments I found out that there’s a scene at the end of the credits, which I missed cause I stormed out of the theater, so I have a legitimate reason to go see it again, grrrr.

KDE Multimedia 2006

I hope my friend Kakei reads this post, we sure have complained a lot about Linux’s multimedia support, this way he’ll know something is being done. Look!

From the 26th to the 28th of May, an international KDE developer meeting about multimedia will take place in the Annahoeve in the Netherlands. Its aim will be to make the pervasive role of multimedia less of a burden to manage for users and developers.

People experience multimedia every day. Sound and animation are as common as written text. With the advent of more powerfull desktop computers, users want to be able to have the same experience while working at their computer as in real life. They want to play and organize their favorite music, watch a movie, and burn their own CDs and DVDs without having to put great effort into getting the respective applications to work. A professional desktop environment should aim to offer these by default, with good support for the majority of possible hardware configurations, in order to gain a solid user base.

So I found out about this through the amarok developer list, some of the team members are arranging meetings in Amsterdam, Hostel rooms, presentations,etc. Must be very exciting to be there for the KDE Multimedia 2006.

It’s amazing how such a great system is put together with people from all over the world.

The Agenda reminds me of the Plone Sprint I attended in Austria in February this year. Coding, Fun, Coding, a few informal presentations of what teams are working on, and at the end of the day wrap ups where everybody says what they’ve accomplished, plus also discussing and asking question to teams doing related work. Wish I could be there on the KDE Multimedia 2006, but first I guess I should become a KDE dev. :p

Hopefully we’ll do something similar for ,Frostwire in the future.

Macs aren’t as gay anymore

I remember I used to hear, and still hear from Intel PC users, the phrase:

Macs are gay

And I believe this was the case before Mac announced they’d go to use Intel processors.

More and more I see how former PC users make the shift to Mac, and more interestingly, software developers are using them too, they have proven to be a much better development environment than Windows (although serious software developers use Linux of course). As I meet hardcore opensource developers, java developers, web developers and bloggers, I see them with Mac notebooks under the arm.

Most of them keep running Mac OSX with lots of Open Source software on it, I’m one of them. With my terminal, emacs, Firefox and all it’s developer extensions

So, I can say for myself, my Mac fulfills all my needs, Mac OSX behaves like a Linux with Sound/Video editing software, the only thing you need to overcome is dealing with the damn Apple key and having to drag windows by the title bar only.

What are you waiting for? Your last excuse would’ve been saying “Macs are gay”
now it’s not an excuse anymore, dare to try something different. If you’re a Linux user
the switch will be very simple, for Windows users maybe not as much, but you won’t ever
want to go back once you learn how to live without it, everything works.

Episodio 0015 – El poder de KDE Desktop con Simon Castillo (Especial de una hora)

En este episodio tenemos un invitado especial, el joven venezolano Simon Castillo discute con nosotros sobre el verdadero poder de KDE y sus ventajas sobre Gnome. Simon era un empedernido Gnomero hasta que tras escuchar nuestras recomendaciones decidio hacer una prueba de “supervivencia”, utilizar aplicaciones KDE unicamente durante 7 dias, cero aplicaciones basadas en GTK.

Hablamos de:

  • KControl
  • Konqueror Keywords
  • K3B
  • KIOSlave
  • Integracion y Consistencia de KDE
  • Krita
  • Facilidad de Personalización – Keybindings y Temas
  • Multimedia
  • KDE4
  • Karbon14
  • Arch Linux
  • Multimedia (Amarok)
  • Katapult

Ademas de eso, tenemos las noticias mas calientes sobre Google y nuevos lanzamientos, Yahoo! con su Yahoo! Mail Beta ahora al publico, ademas de sus cambios en Flickr.com (Gamma). Algunos detalles sobre la nueva MacBook PRO, y mucho mas..

Yahoo! Strikes Back

So it seems, the war of “who’s got the coolest ajax portal” has it’s first counter-attack (being the first bombing done by Google).

Tonight Yahoo! decided to release a slightly and even more ajaxed version of Flickr.com, which now is not beta anymore, behold “Gamma”, first time I ever see this, I’m not sure what to say, if its clever, or ridiculous, clearly a marketing manouver, none the less some of the changes are good.

The most notable change is the Organizer, it’s no longer a CPU consuming Flash file.
It’s all AJAXED, supports drag n drop, and its not as intuitive as the old flash movie, at least for me, I know it’ll take a little while for all of us to adapt.

One thing I didn’t see on it, which I really need, is the ability to send pictures to groups or pools. If someone sees it please correct me If I’m wrong, but I spent good 3 or 4 minutes looking for it and nothing. They definitively need a way to drag a bunch of pictures to a Pool or Group of pictures.

So that’s what I could tell on a quick glance at flickr. (Thanks Nany for letting me know that Flickr.com looked “cooler” tonight)

Then the biggest blow on Gmail’s stomach. Yahoo Mail Beta.
This certainly had my mouth open when I tried it, I was really looking forward to use it. It’s definitively close to a simple version of thunderbird inside your browser.

I could:
-> Select multiple emails with shift, and then delete them hitting my delete key.
-> Compose two emails at once, it creates a tab for each composal.
-> Drag and drop emails to folders

The calendar, and notes are still not ready.

However… al this coolnes, I don’t think I’ll leave my @gmail.com account, that address it’s too damn valuable to me, I couldn’t go back to emailing with my @yahoo.com email again.

Maybe Yahoo! might want to allow users to use their web interface to access @gmail.com accounts.

Don’t miss the screenshots

FrostWire.com Podcast 001

So now you see why we had that “Suscribe to iTunes” button all along…

Welcome to our first Podcast Episode, on this edition we talk about:

  • The New Face of FrostWire.com, future plans

Special greetings to Charles Marseille who made the first donation ever of $100!!!.
We’ll make excellent use of this contribution, Thanks!

Greetings to all our users in Europe, specially in Paris, London and Amsterdam, thanks for the support.

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