How to enable source highlighting when doing `less mycodefile.ext`

How to enable source highlighting when doing less mycodefile.ext Install source-highlight sudo apt install source-highlight Configure it on your .bash_profile lessWithSourceHighlightSetup() { # location of the script may vary src_hilite_pipe_script=`dpkg -L libsource-highlight-common | grep lesspipe` export LESSOPEN=”| ${src_hilite_pipe_script} %s” export LESS=’ -R ‘ } lessWithSourceHighlightSetup Use it on any code file less -N /path/to/mycode.ext view […]

nginx server configuration for a wordpress instance served from a URL’s subdirectory

You want to serve a wordpress instance on a website’s domain url but not at the path’s root, you want it under a sub-directory, for example “blog”, the same as this blog:  Here’s how my NGINX’s server block for ‘’ looks like at the moment (https/ssl hasn’t been configured yet) [pastacode lang=”javascript” path_id=”fc6f967d7689931c81e9e9691b714f29″ file=”” […]