How many lines of code are there inside Bitcoin-Core client?

According to cloc this is the line count breakdown, 87% of the project is all C/C++ header files and code. v 1.60 T=7.23 s (72.2 files/s, 43792.9 lines/s) ——————————————————————————- Language files blank comment code ——————————————————————————- C++ 244 9985 6246 211500 C/C++ Header 188 5346 4617 35399 Bourne Shell 26 2576 2571 20090 make 12 […]

New FrostWire 5.7.2 with uTP support

Download FrostWire 5.7.2 for Windows (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin enabled .torrent) Download FrostWire 5.7.2 for MacOSX (.torrent) Download FrostWire 5.7.2 for Debian/Ubuntu (.torrent) This release is all about performance and stability. Some users have complained about what happens to their internet connection when using FrostWire heavily, so we’ve finally added uTP support to solve these issues. FrostWire can now […]