Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories should be a masterpiece

On May 21st this year, 12 years after their incredibly successful “Discovery” release (and after doing Tron Legacy’s Soundtrack and the not so successful “Human After All” album), french Duo Daft Punk will release Random Access Memories in the US (comes out on the 17th in other countries) with some great collaborators that tell a little bit about the production process of this album.

Judging by this, there’s been a tremendous amount of work behind every track and they’ve gone for nothing but perfection, I’ll have my fingers crossed for a masterpiece classic release.

Who needs record labels anymore?

884,000 views in 8 days.

Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

With undeniable Talent, Good recording equipment, HD Camera, YouTube account and a vision for business the world is ready to meet a lot of content creators thanks to the enabling technology for creation and distribution of media that is leveling the playfield for more and more people. Discovering music and original has never been more exciting in history.

Forget piracy, this is what Labels are scared of, they’re slowly becoming more and more unnecessary.
No wonder they are behind legislation like #SOPA to have the power to scare everyone from doing covers like this one.

These covers are great to showcase your talents to people that wouldn’t otherwise even pay attention to you.

Do these kids deserve 5 years in jail?

Love her expression at the end of the video, she knows how good she is.

I wish Michael Jackson…

Faked his death, made millions and millions on all the PR he got these past couple of weeks, and the night he got buried, at midnight, he comes back to life dressed as a zombie and dances thriller.
The only POP singer to come back from the death.


I wish a month from now, he releases a video saying something like this:

“Hi World, If you see this, it means I’m dead and long gone from the physical world. However I love you so much, and I know that you’ll miss me. During the last years of musical silence I’ve recorded over 100 new songs, and I’ll be releasing a new record every year so that you have more Michael Jackson to enjoy for the next decade.
I love you”

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Unsigned band breaks into top 20 most shared music on the planet

From Georgia Wonder:

London, UK: Georgia Wonder, an unsigned British band, climbed into the top 20 most shared music in the world last weekend, reaching 14th position in just four days with their debut EP ‘Hello Stranger’.

The EP was put onto the Pirate Bay tracker on Wednesday 14th January and by Saturday 17th was the only music in the top 100 from an unsigned artist. The EP of five songs, which the duo released themselves last year, hit the Pirate Bay Top 20 on Saturday evening and peaked at the 14th position in the early hours of Sunday morning. The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest tracker of shared files.

The band were able to propel their music into well over 50,000 homes across the world in just a few days after making their EP readily available to download from the welcome page of the Limewire software offshoot ‘Frostwire’.

“What Frostwire helped us achieve is incredible” explained Stephanie Grant, vocalist with Georgia Wonder. “Their support has put our music into the hands of tens of thousands of potential fans in a matter of days. 40 billion songs were shared online last year – that’s 6 songs for every person on earth. You can imagine what just five days in the top 20 means to a relatively unknown band like us.”

“We met the Frostwire guys on Twitter” said Julian Moore, the other half of Georgia Wonder. “I’d recently dusted off our Twitter account after hearing that British celebrities such as Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry had become avid users, and after a few weeks we got chatting to the Frostwire team. They were really keen to let us try their new approach to band promotion and as we were already letting people share our music on Twitter we agreed to give it a shot. I’m so glad we did!’

Pirate Bay, the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker has repelled many unsuccessful attempts to shut it down over the last few years including a police raid in 2006 and bitter disputes with a variety of music and media companies in 2007. “It’s easy to forget that while the major record labels and anti-copyright groups have been taking high-profile shots at each other there are a lot of independent artists out here who are simply trying to navigate their way through the wreckage” said Julian. “Our success with Frostwire proves that you can cut through the argument and chart your own course.”

About Georgia Wonder

Georgia Wonder played in front of over 14,000 people for Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall on his UK tour and performed at an historic election night at the London American Embassy alongside Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze. Their song ‘Girl You Never Knew’ from their debut EP ‘Hello Stranger’ has been on rotation on Bliss TV for six months and has received plaudits from Record Of The Day and Pop Justice who called it ‘..one Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack appearance away from being an international hit single.’ They were recently nominated for an interactive award at Eurosonic and won best video in the rock category on OurStage.com in November ’08 for their song ‘Would Love To Meet’. Originally picked up by legendary BBC presenter ‘whispering’ Bob Harris who played their demos for two concurrent weeks on his BBC Radio 2 show, they have performed live on BBC Southern Counties, BBC Radio Solent, Original FM and a host of other regional radio stations.



Julian Moore
julian at gwonder dot com

Pirate Bay Snapshot 18/1/09

40 Billion Songs Shared Online


Georgia Wonder Website


‘Hello Stranger’ EP Torrent on Pirate Bay


Record Of The Day

Record Of The Day – Record Of The Week

Pop Justice – Song Of The Day

Matt Pond PA offers his newest EP ‘The Freeep’ Free through Frostwire

From Frostclick.com

Download Torrent


Matt Pond PA (commonly typeset as matt pond PA, or mppa for short) is an indie band formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1998 by singer/songwriter Matt Pond. Throughout the years the band released 7 albums, 9 EPs and played with artists like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Youth Group, Nickel Creek and Mae.
Continue reading

Unsigned Musician Sean Fournier Draws Over 25,000 Downloads in One Weekend

FrostWire™ is positively on the news this morning showing how P2P can achieve great things when artists have an open mind when it comes to sharing some of their work for free.

As of FrostWire™ 4.17.0, we can promote legal content, or important information using the FrostWire™ welcome screen. We’ve vowed to never use this screen for spam or evil purposes of any kind, only to help content creators of all kinds (musicians, film makers, writers, software programers, photographers, video game shops and independent professionals) that are willing to share some of their work for free, or under creative commons licenses get their message across our ever growing network.

Sean Fournier is the first musician to do so, in only 4 days his 6 track album “Oh-my” was shared via FrostWire™ by over 25,000 users, at the time of this writing the download count by the torrent tracker is 27,923, saving Sean almost 1 Terabyte of data sent, plus having his music on tens of thousands of computers and who knows into how many portable music players.

You can read the full story on FrostClick.com, our initiative towards the distribution of 100% free and legal content over FrostWire™.

Here’s a press release we found this morning on the news:

Milford, CT (PRWEB) December 2, 2008 — Musician Sean Fournier harnesses the power of Peer-to-Peer networking to distribute his free album, ‘Oh My’, to hundreds of thousands all over the world via FrostWire’s welcome screen. Within the first weekend, this exposure returned over 25,000 complete downloads for this independent singer/songwriter.

FrostWire Welcome Screen Featuring Sean Fournier

Spread it like the plague.
Fournier’s ‘Oh My’ is the first free album download to be featured on FrostWire’s Welcome Screen, which is a new feature designed to help musicians and content owners share their media for free on the FrostWire network.

‘Oh My’ is a six-track album which was created to be 100% free. Sean encourages his listeners to download it, share it, give it friends and family – and do anything within their power to “Spread it like the plague.”

Aside from it’s recent exposure on FrostClick.com, listeners can get their hands on ‘Oh My’ at Sean Fournier’s Official Website.

If you’re a professional content creator willing to share some of your work for free to get more exposure and thus increase your sales, contact us at FrostClick.com

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FrostClick.com – Sean Fournier’s “Oh My” – A great Free Album

Geek T-Shirt Collection #5 – Last.fm

This T-shirt I got thanks to my wife, it was sitting at their office for some reasons I should probably not disclose.

The thing is that I’ve been a fan of last.fm for a very long time (my account says it has 5800 plays since 2005) and I wear this t-shirt with a lot of pride.

I actually had the chance to meet Michael Breidenbruecker one of the founders of Last.fm in 2006 during the Plone code-sprint in Austria. Michael and his team (some of which I also met during that sprint) are now working on RJDJ, a very interesting music application for the iPhone.

About Last.fm
From Wikipedia:

Last.fm is a UK-based Internet radio and music community website, founded in 2002. It claims over 21 million active users based in more than 200 countries. On 30 May 2007, CBS Interactive acquired Last.fm for £140m ($280m USD).

Using a music recommendation system called “Audioscrobbler”, Last.fm builds a detailed profile of each user’s musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to, either on the streamed radio stations or on the user’s computer or some portable music devices. This information is transferred to Last.fm’s database (“scrobbled”) via a plugin installed into the user’s music player. The profile data is then displayed on the user’s profile page. The site offers numerous social networking features and can recommend and play artists similar to the user’s favourites.

Users can create custom radio stations and playlists from any of the audio tracks in Last.fm’s music library, and are able to listen to some individual tracks on demand, or download tracks if the rights holder has previously authorised it. Registration is required to acquire a profile but is not necessary to view any part of the site or to listen to radio stations.

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