The most fundamental features still missing in Google+

The 2 most fundamental features missing in Google+ (and I don’t know how else to send them feedback about this) that really really grind my gears are the lack of a +1 button and a “Share” link on the picture gallery mode.

(My suggestion of where the button and the share link should be)

I think that this has to be totally on purpose, I cannot believe that all the “geniuses” at Google haven’t felt the frustration of not being able to +1 or share a good picture from that view.

CEOs or Google+ project managers should be more involved in product experience. It’s cool how they are very data driven, but damn it guys, sit and use the product yourselves, or have you never used a social network before.

It’s just very hypocritical of Google to say that this is a service created to help people share, when sometimes it gets in your way of sharing at the very moment when you feel like sharing something with others.

And you wonder why they still haven’t opened the gates? It’s still far from ready to be used by the mainstream user.

What other fundamental features do you think are missing?

Desktop software is far from dead, the browser can’t be all of what the future holds for the software industry

Yes, a lot of people are all about the cloud and everything should be in the browser, but the reality is that there’s a very healthy (and still growing) ecosystem of desktop software being created, and updated everyday.

More so, the browser is still limited and it seems that we’re bending over backwards (in javascript of all languages #facepalming) to be able to do what we’ve been already been able to do for years inside it. It’s like we want to throw away the powerful hardware now available on the tip of our hands (ever faster multicore technology, super duper video cards, amazing storage for almost nothing, solid state drives, you name it, we’re getting it, and it’s gonna get better in 18 months)… for the promise of the cloud (which is convenient, but you should try living without internet at home for 3 weeks, fuck the cloud).

A few moments ago I was thinking about this and about Google’s vision of “everything inside the browser” and then it hit me.

Our industry is full of disruption, who would’ve thought that web browsers would get so big and create whole new industries, can’t the same happen to the browser?

I think it’s totally possible that some new software, some new Desktop software could emerge and change the face of the internet once again. I don’t know what it could be, but after seeing how things evolve it’s plausible something like this happens.

Google shouldn’t be putting all its eggs on the browser basket.

Desktop software is here to stay, and it has all the powers today to out-innovate the browser, as crazy as it sounds.

Maybe a well done Microsoft App store would be enough to get a lot of people excited. By looking at what’s happened in such a short time for iOS and the Apple AppStore, the browser has plenty to fear.

eclipse.ini gone after Helios update? No worries

So you had a pimped out eclipse.ini file and for some odd reason in the world, eclipse.ini is missing in action after one of the numerous updates, you try to put it where it was, but none of the options you pass it seem to have an effect.

Here’s what I did

After I gave up on reading the documentation on what the hell happened to eclipse.ini and why it’s not having any effect on my eclipse, I just created my own eclipse launcher.

Here’s what it has inside:
./eclipse -vmargs -XX:MaxPermSize=512M-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:PermSize=256M

Game Developer says he hates iPhone App Store and tinkles with price of his app, Gets banned.

Way to go Apple, your iPhone App Store policies remind me of Latin American Dictatorships.

It will be easy to tell by developers that it’s a lot better to sell on Android, eventually the Android userbase will be way bigger than that of the iPhone (iPad). You missed your boat on the Apple TV (for not taking that project seriously), Android on the TV might make it to our living rooms thus creating a huge gaming market. You’re doomed if you don’t change your ways, milk the AppStore while you can.

So if you raise the price of YOUR app, you get banned? or was it because Tommy told you the truth of how much your AppStore sucks?

NOTE: I’m a Mac user, I love Apple most of Apple products but I just have a huge beef with the iPhone OS, the iPad and the AppStore. It is what it is, I’m not a blind fanboy.

Re: YouTube Users Pass on Paying for Movies

Dear Ryan here’s my response to your piece on YouTube Users Passing on movie rentals

It’s been only 48 hours and you’re already killing it?
I didn’t even know this was up already.

You have to let the service up for a little longer to make any judgments of these sorts.

However… being Devil’s advocate I’m with you on this one, it’s not gonna fly far, not even with cool blockbuster movies.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that $3.99 seems a little too high for “renting” a movie to watch it on your computer, specially for a crowd that’s used to come to youtube for a bunch of short free video fixes.

This business model down the line won’t be a significant source of revenue for youtube, they’ll have to revisit their strategy and copy the Netflix flat rate model; Pay every month a flat fee and stream all you want from the ever growing catalog.

The Netflix flat fee model is the best available and the markets also like it; Netflix’s market cap ($NFLX) is now over $3 billion and Blockbuster’s has been reduced to a mere ($BBI) $70 million.

From a customer’s perspective I would never rent “on demand” films at $3.99 each, not even from my cable company and I’d be watching it on a big screen sitting comfy in my living room couch.

I rather stream to my heart’s contempt all I want without having to take my wallet out every time.

Flat Rates FTW.

Las Mentiras sobre la Marihuana

Si te criaste en Latino América probablemente eres victima de las mentiras que rodean a la marihuana y probablemente tienes el cerebro híper lavado en su contra, lo cual te hace ver esta planta como algo que jamás tocaras en tu vida.

Si no has probado la marihuana (después de los 21) por miedo a todo lo que has escuchado y creído, deberías estar tan súper molesto o molesta como yo porque hemos sido victimas de viles mentiras para privarnos de uno de los placeres mas sanos de la vida.
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Credit Cards for Dummies

The recent news about the credit card interest rate hikes has reminded me to write this post about how to use your credit card and never get in debt.

If you recently got your first credit card, please remember these very simple rules.

  1. Don’t buy shit you can’t afford
  2. Always pay your balance in full

If you follow these simple rules, you won’t ever be affected by stupid interest rate hikes since you’ll owe nothing to the bank.

To explain a little further rule #2, when your credit card statement comes, DON’T EVER pay the “Minimum Amount Due“, pay everything you charged for during the last period, leave the balance in 0, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your belly to know the bank won’t stick it up your ass anytime soon.

If you can’t pay everything you charged, it means you didn’t follow rule #1, shame on you!

Another tip, don’t use your credit card for the “points” or the “Rewards”, it’s all a load of crap.

Remember, a Credit Card is not Free Money. Believe it or not there seems to be a shitload of people out there that don’t seem to follow these 2 simple rules and now they’re “pwned” by the banks and crying to papa Obama.



What grinds my gears – Tennis

I recently had the privilege to attend the US Open for the first time in my life, and as with everything I started questioning things:


What’s with the ilogical scoring? Who came up with 15,30,40,Deuce, Advantage…
Why such an almost random sequence… why not, 1,2,3 ? or if anything 15,30,45!!!

Why when a set is tied 5-5 do they have to do it till 7 (tie-break)?, just let the first to go to 6 win that set, as if the matches weren’t long enough.


So 0, is not called zero, it’s called Love? wtf
Update: Simon expained it’s “L’oeuf“, which means “Egg” in french, probably a relationship between the shape of a “0” and an Egg.

When a serve hits the NET, they call it LET? wtf

And when they go into “deuce” it always sounds as if they’re calling the players Douchebags…”Douche!!

Other than that, it’s one hell of a game, one of endurance, precision, technique, focus, strategy, excitement, I loved it.

Thank you wifey for taking me there for my birthday, it was awesome.