#IWasThinking E01S02: American Nutritional trends and how they will affect our future

Something as simple as the invention and adoption of bread was a key driver for the foundations of agriculture and the evolution of civilization.

I think the outlook of the future is not so good when we look at the eating habits of the average american person, which seems to be similar to other consumption habits in American society. We eat crap, we buy crap, we watch crap, we listen to crap, we waste time on stupid things, the top search trends on Google show that americans just care about gossip and vanal things.

If the future of this country depends on the majority of the people in it (and not in a brilliant few that drive innovation and cannibalize on the majority), I think american supremacy has its days numbered, not to mention that we’re going to keep spending a lot of money on healthcare thanks to our eating habits.

#IWasThinking E01S01: The complexity of the world depends on human interaction.

I suck at small talk, I like to think about other things, all my true friends aren’t here so I thought I might as well meet some other like minded people by recording a series of thought starters.

On this first episode I talk about realizing that the complexity of the world depends directly on the level of interactions that humans have with each other. The more of us that can do more specialized things, when working together bring technology forward. Therefore, think of all the things that will come out as the internet (and other technologies) empowers us to work together on all fields of human knowledge.

If I get enough traction the plan is to shoot outside, in HD, edit to minimize playback time and save you time, and basically produce a whole season (22 episodes each)


Chris Pirillo reviews MyBloop.com

Chris Pirillo has reviewed this week our Infinite Storage service MyBloop.com very positively, and he has called it “The World’s Biggest Hard Drive.

About Chris
Christopher “Chris” Joseph Pirillo (born July 26, 1973(1973-07-26)) is the founder and maintainer of Lockergnome which is a large blogging network. He spent two years hosting the TechTV television program Call for Help before parting ways with the show. He also hosted the first annual Call-for-Help-a-Thon on TechTV. He now hosts videos on several internet sites, including CNN.com, YouTube and his own website.

Chris Pirillo live streams from his home-office using Ustream technology and uses this to create YouTube videos daily with a focus on software, computers, iPhone applications, and other technology-related topics and events.

Chris Pirillo is also an avid blogger, combining his website which contains over 1,500 posts, and updating his micro-blogging accounts, such as Twitter and FriendFeed daily.

Every year, Pirillo hosts Gnomedex, a technology conference tailored to technology and blogging enthusiasts.

About MyBloop.com
MyBloop.com is a free service that allows its users to store an unlimited number of files absolutely for free. It allows for an evolving and incremental set of functionalities depending on the file types, being the more feature rich, music, playlists and picture files. It has social features, search, and several file sharing functionalities such as flash embedding, which makes it attractive to podcasters and musicians looking to host their audio files and get exposure without paying for the storage or the bandwidth.

Video Review: Rockband – Gubatron plays the drums to Metallica

MyBloop.com – Upload unlimited files for free

Download this video in full quality (MPEG-4 ~ 33.2MB)

So here’s my pro’s and cons of Rockband, and why I still enjoy Guitar Hero more.


  • The guitar is awesome, it doesn’t make as much noise as the regular Guitar controllers
  • Good Multiplayer, a lot of fun in quickplay with all songs unlocked (UI a little confusing at first though)
  • The Mic gameplay is amazing, exceeded my expectations (although I was scared for a while cause I plugged the mic and it said it wasn’t plugged, and it wasn’t until I read on the internet that I had to plug the gamepad as well…, the game should say… the mic is in but you need a gamepad dude!)
  • More people get to play


  • Songs available are not as cool as Guitar Hero, maybe cause they tried to balance the coolness between drums and guitar. The Guitar player will get bored if it’s experienced in guitar hero, most songs are just dumb chord strumming
  • They promoted the game with Welcome To The Jungle and the song isn’t there, that was dissapointing after clearing all the songs
  • When playing the Tour in multiplayer, it’s a pain in the ass to unlock more songs, and you’re forced to play the same songs over and over again, and you get bored and stick Guitar Hero III for another 2 hours
  • 2 Friends from PlayMor.com reported on their podcast their Guitars Broke, I can’t say the same yet
  • The noise of the drum’s is very annoying to even the drum player, no matter how loud you play the game you’ll still hear the TAC-TAC-TAC,
    then your neighbors will complain, and then you’ll have to play with headphones, which is the best solution so you don’t hear the damn plastic sound.