Temboo needs a GUI dev, work with Gubatron

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My name is Mitsu Hadeishi. I’m looking for an experienced Software Engineer with an interest in advanced GUI development to join our team.

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve led a series of engineering teams to design and implement innovative, successful software products. My past projects have included complex virtual communities, advanced multimedia development platforms, object-oriented integrated development environments, websites, and interactive video stories built with a custom domain-specific language. In addition to software architecture and development, my background and interests include AI, art, meditation, film, and philosophy.

Now, as the VP of Engineering for Temboo Inc., I’ve assembled a group of innovators and gifted problem-solvers to join me in creating and extending a revolutionary new kind of technology.

Our team currently includes a Network Architect who was responsible for the infrastructure systems behind Intuit’s online applications; a Project Manager who taught Creative Writing at NYU, and developers who have played key roles at IBM, Limewire, and major open-source projects like ANTLR.

Temboo is a young, cutting-edge New York company. We have developed a new software model which uses a simple, intuitive graphical interface to allow non-programmers to quickly build complex workflows and applications comprised of disparate interacting components such as databases, web services, and web applications. By allowing businesses to focus on what their information systems should do, instead of worrying about how to do it, our technology paves the way for a new paradigm of software development. We have versions of our product currently live; some of our first customers are leading financial institutions.

We are looking for a Software Engineer with experience developing complex interfaces, either on the desktop or using AJAX technologies. This person will play a key role in designing and building the tools that our customers use to interact with the Temboo system.

Ideal candidates will possess the following traits/skills:
• Experience with a range of front-end development technologies
• Intuitive grasp of OO design patterns and killer software architecture instincts
• Solid knowledge of at least one of the following: Python, Qt, Swing/SWT, or MFC
• Understanding of good user interface design principles
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Enjoys working in a high-energy environment with a small, talented team

Additional bonus points for candidates with:

• Familiarity with agile methods like XP and test-driven development
• Experience developing games
• Experience developing tools that use visual metaphors
• Experience developing applications with Flash and/or AJAX
• Experience working with information architects or interaction designers
• Interests outside of work (in your cover letter, please tell us what they are!)
• Sense of humor

Our unique company culture promotes individual contribution, innovation, excellence, and the belief that work should also be fun. We offer competitive compensation, flexible working hours, a casual office environment, and respect for individual contribution and autonomy. We’re looking for people who have interests outside of work as well (please mention some of these in your cover letter if you like).

Does this sound like you? If so, there may be a place for you at Temboo. Candidates outside the New York area will also be considered for employment on a remote basis, or for relocation to NYC (where everyone should experience living for at least part of their lives).

Episodio 0055 – GTA IV

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Acaba de salir el trailer de GTA IV, este episodio puede mostrar la emocion de estos geeks que esperaron con ansias la salida del trailer y hasta tomamos fotos esta semana de la publicidad en Canal St. en New York.

Estaremos esperando al 16 de Octubre para comprarlo para PC o XBOX 360 y ver lo que unos 150 desarrolladores pueden hacer.

Algunas fotos del trailer (haz click para ver los detalles analizados)

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GTA IV Building Size Teaser in Canal Street, New York

On March 27th of 2007 I was walking to work then, on the corner of Canal and Greene St. my eyes could not help to stare what they’ve only seen before on a web teaser countdown for a GTA IV Trailer a few weeks back. [GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto as in one of the best video games franchises ever to be released]

These are the pictures of a building size banner that has the letters “IV”. To someone that’s not in the scene of Grand Theft Auto, this is absolutely irrelevant, it might bring some curious people, but for those of us that know about it, we’re like, damn, Rockstar’s marketers are starting to play with my head, they want my $50.

The Teaser has a countdown for the Trailer of the game, I repeat FOR THE TRAILER, not even the launch date…

Talk about creating Hype.

By the end of the marketing campaign for this game, I bet some people are gonna be sleeping by the video game shops the night before it’s released.

Como instalar Subversion 1.4.0 en Ubuntu

Desde hace unos dias estaba trabajando con una extension de eclipse para sincronizar codigo en un repositorio de subversion, y despues de utilizar la bendita extension (o quizas fue que actualizaron el servidor subversion…) me empezo a salir este maldito error cuando intentaba utilizar subversion desde la linea de comandos:

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy '.' please get a newer Subversion client

La solucion… actualizar subversion.

Pero resulta que los administradores de Ubuntu te dicen que la version al dia es la 1.3.x la cual es vieja, considerando que el proyecto subversion ya va mas alla de 1.4.0 y ha tenido considerables mejoras.

Instala Subversion 1.4.0 en Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install openssl libssl-dev
$ sudo apt-get install libdb4.3 libdb4.3-dev db4.3-util libdb4.3++c2 libdb4.3++-dev
$ wget http://www.shiftingheat.com/packages/subversion/subversion_1.4.0-1_i386.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i subversion_1.4.0-1_i386.deb


gubatron@alienware:~$ svn --version
svn, version 1.4.0 (r21228)
   compiled Sep 18 2006, 15:25:13

Episode 0054 – Xbox Elite, Pam en Pelotas, I’m all IN con WSOP 2007!

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Vuelve Gubatron (engripado) al podcast esta semana, grabamos con Tati en la forma tradicional (no por Skype) y hablamos de todo esta semana. Starbucks, iPod Tips – iFeed, Nuevo Xbox Elite, Algunos Diggeos, Un clip del podcast del cono de tu madre (iracundo.podomatic.com), una recomendacion para tu Xbox, Sale el iTV de Apple y 10 razones para no comprarlo.

Mis Impresiones de 300

Cono vi 300 en Imax.

Creo que fue bien, pero no como para verla dos veces.

Los graficos muy arrechos, la pelea brutal, excelentes slow motions, pero no veo motivo para volverla a ver en el cine de pana. No te deja picado en lo absoluto, es una historia muy sencilla, supongo que es lo que se espera de una pelicula de batalla.

En algunas partes pude hacer analogias de contexto politico, pero nada que ver, cualquier debate o rumor que sale en las noticias que la pelicula tiene tinte politico me parece que son interpretaciones de fanaticos.

Mi veredicto seria el siguiente para cerrar:

Buenos efectos especiales, composicion y fotografia

Buena Pelea

El publico gay se va dar banquete, puro macho papeao y depilado corriendo en interiores, y el rey de los persas es un rolo e negro marico que se saca las cejas.

PS: Una anecdota al mejor estilo Larry David en Curb Your Enthusiasm. Cuando venia de vuelta, entra un pordiosero a pedir real en el metro, se para en frente de mi, y pillo que en un bolsillo del pantalon el carajo tiene un celular, le digo a mi novia, pilla la vaina, tiene un celular, cono e su madre, para verificar que es la parte de arriba del celular se me ocurre sacarme el celular del bolsillo, justo en ese momento, el carajo voltea y me dice “Thank you brother”, y yo no tenia ni un centavo en el bolsillo y le digo “Sorry, I’m just taking out my cellphone”, y en eso el carajo me dice “Another Fucking Pretender”… y yo por dentro “EL CONO DE TU MADRE MALDITO MOJONERO TIENES UN CELULAR TU TAMBIEN”, en eso el tren se mueve, y se le caen los reales en mis pies… jeje, recojo los reales y se los pongo en la mano, y el hijo de puta no me da las gracias, me vuelve a decir “Fucking Pretender”… de vaina empieza a sonar el theme song de Curb Your Enthusiasm.

svn: Can’t create tunnel: The system cannot find the file specified.

I was trying to checkout a project from a subversion repository using Eclipse’s Subversive, and I was having problems with a subversion url that starts with “svn+ssh://”

This means all the transport has to be done using a “ssh” agent.

Eclipse’s Subclipse plugin was giving me the error:
svn: Can’t create tunnel: The system cannot find the file specified.

To solve the problem I recommend that you…

Use a pure Java SSH Agent

In Eclipse > Window > Preferences > Team > SSH > SVN Interface > SVNKit (Pure Java)

However it seems its possible to…

Use Tortoise as your SSH agent

Go to your Windows Environment Variables settings (Computer -> Advanced Settings -> Environment Variables) and add or set the variable SVN_SSH = c:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe

(the double slashes are very important!)

Then make sure eclipse is using the native (Tortoise Plink’s) ssh agent:

This is set here:
In Eclipse > Window > Preferences > Team > SSH > SVN Interface > JavaHL (JNI)

Once Set and applied, Restart Eclipse, and checkout your project.

Only problem is (at least I found), that when you try to check out, TortoisePlink will prompt its password window, and there’s no way (that I know for now) to specify the user name. I tried putting in the username on the svn+ssh://user@server but when I tried, Eclipse told me that the path already existed. You probably need to delete the repo and create it again in eclipse. But since it already works with a Pure Java SSH agent… fuck it.

2 Consejos

El primero es un consejo Geek.

Si quieres ver archivos de ayuda en HTML compilado tipo Windows, pero en Linux, es decir abrir archivos .CHM en Linux, utiliza xchm.

Para instalar en Ubuntu, es tan sencillo como hacer sudo apt-get install xchm, luego solo invocas el programa y abres tus archivos .CHM.

El segundo consejo lo escuche de Deepak Chopra en un canal de Joost. El dice que una definicion de Neurosis es hacer una misma cosa una y otra vez y esperar tener diferentes resultados… (para mi esto es correr Unit Tests 😉 ), pero llevandolo a la vida el consejo lo que te dice es que intentes hacer cosas diferentes todos los dias, que tomes nuevos riesgos y evalues sus impactos. Has cosas diferentes y tendras resultados diferentes.