Chavez tiene hasta el Jueves a las 8pm?

Ojala, que fresquito se sentiria si se va el Ayatola.
Yo por aca estare contando los minutos a ver si esto es puro blah blah, o si finalmente se arma el peo que tanto he estado esperando para que salga ese desgraciado.

Corre la voz, pega este video en tu blog, mandaselo a todos tus amigos.

How to update file timestamps in Python

Sometimes you can be real picky like me about timestamps of files, for example, during my wedding we had a few digital cameras, and one of the cameras had its internal clock 4 hours behind. So what better way for a lazy guy like you to change timestamps than writing a short python script to fix the problem.

I wrote this script on the same folder where the pictures with the lagged modification times existed:

import os
import time
from stat import *

#returns a list of all the files on the current directory
files = os.listdir('.')

for f in files:
  #my folder has some jpegs and raw images
  if f.lower().endswith('jpg') or f.lower().endswith('crw'):
    st = os.stat(f)
    atime = st[ST_ATIME] #access time
    mtime = st[ST_MTIME] #modification time

    new_mtime = mtime + (4*3600) #new modification time

    #modify the file timestamp

Very nice, I like