add ssh identities to your ssh agent when you start your bash session

Put this somewhere on your .bash_profile

function addSSHIdentities() {
pushd ~/.ssh
#add all your keys here
ssh-add some_private_key
ssh-add some_private_key_2
ssh-add some_private_key_3

ssh-add some_private_key_N

function startSSHAgent() {
SSH_AGENT_PROCESSES=`ps aux | grep ssh-agent | grep -v grep | wc -l`

echo "SSH Agent was running. Not adding identities"
echo "Starting ssh-agent…"
echo "Adding SSH Identities"


NSIS: How to check if the default browser is Chrome

Reading the registry key won’t cut it. This does.

; isDefaultBrowserChrome
!define isDefaultBrowserChrome "!insertmacro isDefaultBrowserChrome"

!macro isDefaultBrowserChrome Result

FileOpen $0 "$PLUGINSDIR\browser_detect.htm" "w"
FileClose $0
System::Call "Shell32::FindExecutable(t ‘$PLUGINSDIR\browser_detect.htm’, i 0, t .r1)"
${StrLoc} $0 $1 "chrome.exe" ">"
${If} $0 != ""
StrCpy ${Result} "1"
StrCpy ${Result} "0"


It’s 2012 and elevator designers still haven’t put an UNDO button in panels

Don’t you hate when the wrong floor has been selected by someone and then everybody in the elevator has to pay with time for that error.

Enter the UNDO button for elevators. Such a simple idea.

It could work in 2 ways.

1. You press the button and it unselects the last button pressed, and so on.

2. You press the button, all selected buttons change color to hint the user you can undo any of them, and then press the floor you want to unselect.

Better yet! when are touchscreen elevator panels coming? that way we could update them, and even put ads on them (and even ads related to the floor you’re going to if you’re in a commercial building)