add ssh identities to your ssh agent when you start your bash session

Put this somewhere on your .bash_profile [bash] function addSSHIdentities() { pushd ~/.ssh #add all your keys here ssh-add some_private_key ssh-add some_private_key_2 ssh-add some_private_key_3 … ssh-add some_private_key_N popd } function startSSHAgent() { SSH_AGENT_PROCESSES=`ps aux | grep ssh-agent | grep -v grep | wc -l` if [ $SSH_AGENT_PROCESSES -gt 0 ] then echo "SSH Agent was running. […]

NSIS: How to check if the default browser is Chrome

Reading the registry key won’t cut it. This does. [code] ; isDefaultBrowserChrome !define isDefaultBrowserChrome "!insertmacro isDefaultBrowserChrome" !macro isDefaultBrowserChrome Result FileOpen $0 "$PLUGINSDIR\browser_detect.htm" "w" FileClose $0 System::Call "Shell32::FindExecutable(t ‘$PLUGINSDIR\browser_detect.htm’, i 0, t .r1)" ${StrLoc} $0 $1 "chrome.exe" ">" ${If} $0 != "" StrCpy ${Result} "1" ${Else} StrCpy ${Result} "0" ${EndIf} !macroend [/code]