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Learning how to draw with Pencil I became inspired with lips and tits #CODE

I’m learning how to draw so that I can illustrate my ideas and express myself through visual language (and maybe change the world one day with #streetart).

I’ve been drawing mostly with markers, then oil based sharpies, but tonight I decided to learn how to use pencil, eraser and a sharing stump.

My first exercise was drawing female lips, I took a picture of my moleskine with instagram and the filter that was applied made the lips look as if they were the weird nipple of a very round breast…

Immediately my first pencil piece came to mind. I searched for “round tits” and “angelina jolie” images on (i happen to like their image search better for adult content) and started drawing away. After I posted on instagram they asked me for a photoshop version, so here you have both results of tonight’s artistic catarsis.

Here you go #CODE , both on Pencil #lips #tits #liptits #lipstits #art #pencil #photoshop

It’s 2012 and elevator designers still haven’t put an UNDO button in panels

Don’t you hate when the wrong floor has been selected by someone and then everybody in the elevator has to pay with time for that error.

Enter the UNDO button for elevators. Such a simple idea.

It could work in 2 ways.

1. You press the button and it unselects the last button pressed, and so on.

2. You press the button, all selected buttons change color to hint the user you can undo any of them, and then press the floor you want to unselect.

Better yet! when are touchscreen elevator panels coming? that way we could update them, and even put ads on them (and even ads related to the floor you’re going to if you’re in a commercial building)

The Hottest Girl in Miami Beach, Spring Break 2012

The Hottest Girl in the beach that day.
Miami Beach, FL
March 2012
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She was so hot it was almost a torture what she was doing to everyone. So desirable, yet so out of reach for the rest of your life.

Breakfast extra Protein, Vitamin and other supplements

From left to right:

Ginkgo Biloba (just in case it actually works)

Calcium + D3 600mg.

Centrum multivitamin

Glucosamine HCI with MSM 1500mg x 2 (For cartilage and collagen development, no more pain in my knees, or ankles when running, stuff is awesome)

Whey Protein (24 grams of proteins, 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of carbs)

H20 300ml.

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Photography/Photoshop homage to music video “First of the year” #skrillex

First of the year
Miami, FL
December 2011

Here’s my homage to Skrillex’s “First of the Year” music video, one I think will be remembered forever as a cult music video for Dubstep as it started crossing the mainstream frontier.

The model is my daughter who started joking with her fingers right after she saw the music video, which rang a bell in my head, and here we are.

In case you have not seen the music video yet, I’ll save you the Googling
First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex [OFFICIAL]

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