Seismic Warfare Benefit list

Disclaimer: I fucking hate communism, but I’m a card carrying member of the conspiracy-theorists club.

My disclaimer is because recently president Hugo Chavez publicly accused the US government of using seismic weapon technology over Haiti in order to perform a military invasion. I hate the son of a bitch to pieces, but I can’t help to agree with him on this one.

For years I’ve joked about government being responsible for strong earthquakes or when warning ones hit nations (whenever the puppet dictators want to do things their way), so don’t think by any means that I got this idea from Hugo Chavez, but I found it interesting that a president of a nation actually had the balls (or the crazy loosened bolts) to make such an accusation openly. The world is not as crazy as me to digest such things. However with this post I intend to explain why it makes perfect sense to have tectonic weaponry.

Seismic Weapons can’t be more complex than Nuclear weapons
I believe that if in the 1950s we already had the ability to split the atom, why is it so crazy to believe that we NOW have weapons to create natural disasters? being earthquakes the easiest to create, just a big ass explosion, or several ones on the right spot(s) deep underground. Let your mind fly and it’s also doable causing other natural disasters like tsunamis or even hurricanes, we [humans] are smart motherfuckers when it comes to destruction.

Benefits of Seismic Weaponry

Imagine you are president Obama and you’re being briefed by high command military to make the decision to preemptively invade a nation for strategic purposes. The top generals enumerate the following benefits about Seismic Warfare:

  • There is nobody to blame. And even if they blame us, it’s so far fetched that nobody will believe it.
  • There are no battles to fight. We don’t loose any of our men.
  • We go in to help rebuild and heal. We are looked upon as the heroes. Great for international perception and politics.
  • No post-combat traumas to deal with, health care savings in soldier treatment, lower suicide rates.
  • We can destroy as much or even more, further attacks are just seen as normal earthquake replicas in case we don’t take down intended targets.
  • You don’t need to justify or create conflict to get our boys in. No need to attack our own people and blame it on terrorist groups or dictators, no need to blame anybody for having weapons of mass destruction, it’s as clean as it gets Mr. President, no politics or red tape involved.

If the US doesn’t have seismic weapons I hope they’re building them, if a lame ass individual like me can think of this, I don’t see why people with billion dollar military budgets and a bunch of geniuses working for them couldn’t think the same.

But again it’s all Just a conspiracy theory, any resemblance with reality is just a coincidence. This would make such a great season of 24.

I wish Michael Jackson…

Faked his death, made millions and millions on all the PR he got these past couple of weeks, and the night he got buried, at midnight, he comes back to life dressed as a zombie and dances thriller.
The only POP singer to come back from the death.


I wish a month from now, he releases a video saying something like this:

“Hi World, If you see this, it means I’m dead and long gone from the physical world. However I love you so much, and I know that you’ll miss me. During the last years of musical silence I’ve recorded over 100 new songs, and I’ll be releasing a new record every year so that you have more Michael Jackson to enjoy for the next decade.
I love you”

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Swine Flu FML

Today, I took my kid to a pig farm near Mexico City, I think I let him get a little too close to the animals, FML

But more seriously, leave a comment if you think the whole Swine Flu is total BS to keep once again the world in fear and have them worry about stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Just check the price of oil today (dropping), and the prices of small pharmaceutical companies on the stock market (some doubling today)

World Domination BS… don’t fall for it.

Who benefits from Swine Flu

  • The US tourism industry by keeping millions of dollars from going to mexico. Just one airplane going to Cancun from say Florida, will take about 300 passengers. In average each passenger will spend at least about $1,000. That’s $300k a pop. I’d imagine there’s at least 10 flights a day going to Cancun from several destinations in the US. That’s $3MM that stay in the US or go somewhere else. Now multiply this by the number of touristic destinations in Mexico plus flights that come from other countries. Their economy must be bleeding tens of millions a day because of this.
  • Companies that use pork derived products, now they can get pork for a lot cheaper. Think McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burguer King, Super market chains. Buy low, sell high
  • 3M has had to step up their mask production to keep up with the demand coming from CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical companies related to vaccine R&D

In the meantime, I see nothing but a pattern of destructive media against mexico, first it was the Drug lord wars, then Swine Flu, and more recently an Earth Quake (I totally believe the US must have weapons to produce earthquakes, it’s the perfect attack, you can blame it on mother nature)

Are we in recession?

Disclaimer: I’ve no clue what I’m talking about, I’m a software engineer but I like to read a lot about economy and look the world around me instead of just listening to the media. I’ve probably not looked at enough variables, I just went for the GDP indicator and what I think the role of energy is in world economics, feel free to enlighten me and the audience with different perspectives.

I went to look for the definition of the word that’s in everyone’s mouth nowadays:

“In macroeconomics, a recession is a decline in a country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year”


Aha, so recession is the consecutive decrease of the real GDP.

Then I went and looked for the GDP numbers to see if the real GDP of the US has had any negative economic growth during the last 4 quarters, this on the BEA website (U.S. Department of Commerce – Bureau of Economic Analisys)
Here are the GDP growth quarter to quarter since 2006

2006q1	4.8
2006q2	2.4
2006q3	1.1
2006q4	2.1
2007q1	0.6
2007q2	3.8
2007q3	4.9
2007q4	0.6
2008q1	0.6

These numbers from the BEA show the GDP rate of change in respect with each last quarter. If you look at the classical definition, there’s just been a slow growth, not negative grow, so we’re still not technically in recession, just in an economic slowdown.

The 0.6 growth has happened before (2007q1) and after that the q2 and q3 showed decent growth.

Maybe the economy can only grow so much its reaching a peak, what scares me though, it s the low interest rates added to the rising prices of OIL, they probably go in hand since we’re putting cheaper dollars out there so OPEC doesn’t want to loose the real value of their OIL, plus they like to abuse prices every now and then.

One thing is for sure, every world wide recession has been followed by the whims of the fuckers at OPEC whenever they decide to peak prices.

I believe a lot of this recession buzz has to do with the US elections, fear to get votes (they got us with the terrorists last time), it’s true there’s been a lot of shit happening with the mortgage crisis but that was something just waiting to happen when you give high risk loans to so many stupid people that can’t do basic math to consider all costs associated to purchasing a home while they already are deep in debt. Sadly most people in this country have no clue on how to manage their money, but I guess that’s good for the smart ones, you can sell anything to a lot of people.

In a real recession you don’t have movies with opening weekends of +$100M while the same week people sleep inline on video game stores to get the latest video games. You go out at night, and every restaurant is crammed with people, most businesses are doing good, at least in NY I don’t see the signs of recession anytime soon, what I see if probably a little inflation coming soon if something isn’t done.

You don’t see economy sectors like clothing and electronics have the growth they’ve recently had on a real recession (like the one I lived for years in my own country, where you have to worry about buying food day to day, and companies are closing left and right and finding a job is a blessing)

OIL Prices & US Presence in Iraq
The US is sitting in Iraq, “a country with at least 150 billion barrels of crude, and except for Saudi Arabia, the cheapest production costs in the world” – (Paul Roberts, The End of Oil), I believe it’s a good thing in a way that we’re there (for the economy, I’m against war by all means), but it seems even though there’s a strong US presence in the area, nothing can be done to mantain oil price stability and that could well send us in recession. Wish the government would explain one day in plain english “hey buddies, we’re gonna cut the bullshit, the war on terrorism was a nice lie we came up with to protect our economy, terrorism is the least of our worries compared to an energy crisis, we just need to keep the oil flowing at a decent price, please let us do our thing in Iraq, it was either us, or Saddam taking over Kuwait and maybe Saudi Arabia, and then we’d be in deep shit”

Let’s look at the GDP during and after the Golf War ((2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991)

1990q4	-3.0
1991q1	-2.0
1991q2	2.6
1991q3	1.9
1991q4	1.9
1992q1	4.2
1992q2	3.9
1992q3	4.0
1992q4  4.5
1993q1	0.5
1993q2	2.0
1993q3	2.1
1993q4	5.5

During the months of the war, we had negative growth, but look how nice growth was later down the line…, and we’re still growing, little but growing. Try to grow a trillion dollar economy quarter after quarter like the US, who’s your daddy?

Does the current administration want oil price stability?
The last 8 years of this nation have been run by two Oil men, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, you’d think one of their goals would be to keep oil prices stable… or maybe not 😉

Let’s hope the next president of the U.S. will be able to do something about oil prices, they’re the one thing that can bring this nation down, terrorism is probably a minor threat compared to a $200 oil barrel.

Maybe now it’s a great time to invest, maybe not, I’ll just quote two things Warren Buffet said to Fortune Magazine in April 2008:

“…when people panic, when fear takes over, or when greed takes over, people react just as irrationally as they have in the past”

I believe the media, and politics are trying to scare people with this whole recession buzz, we have to think and act rationally.

the second quote goes:

“You should get greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”

Let em buzz about recession, maybe it’ll affect some stock investors, prices will drop, and it’ll be good for greedy people during fearful times. Might be good to look at that cheap YHOO now that MSFT supposedly dropped their offer, but that’s another story, and probably unrelated since the stock market is a different beast and shouldn’t really be that much coupled with macroeconomics.

Is the reduction of CO2 emitions the solution to Global Warming?

Lately I think I’ve been obsessed about issues related to oil prices, oil consumption, alternative energies, and it’s for two reasons.

Starting from the supposition that global warming is directly related to CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and that there’s so much talk out there about shifting our energy source from oil, gas & coal to new sources is the smartest thing to do since:

  • We could reduce CO2 emissions (and most likely global warming)
  • By saving energy, or using cheaper energy we save money

These pair of reasons seem pretty attractive, but I keep thinking to myself the following…

Are we asking ourselves the right questions? Is this the only way to solve the problem?

The world pretty much runs on an oil-gas-coal based energy/economy, if we’re pessimistic we won’t have time to replace the whole damn thing even if we found the best energy source tonight, while we change we’ll probably still be emitting a lot of CO2, try convincing all the countries in the world into shifting, maybe the political problem might be harder to solve than the scientific problem.

Having said that, now I ask you, and maybe I didn’t hear Al Gore talk about my following questions during his Inconvenient Truth movie, maybe I don’t know crap about chemistry (I don’t as the matter of fact), but…

Why can’t we try to clean part of the mess while we figure out a way to stop the mess?

Is it impossible to have CO2 broken into something else? Is it impossible to do something else to let the infrared radiation bounce out and stop the greenhouse effect, why is it always the solution to stop doing something, why can’t we clean, or transform these gases into something else and actually make use of them?

It seems to me (here I go with the conspiracy theories again), that maybe this is the best way to convince the world that we need to shift onto a new energy model cause the rulers of the oil economy know it’s not viable for the next 100 years or so, and they want to prepare us to accept the new fuels they will sell us by having us believe the new technologies will be the salvation of mankind?

It seems to me that we could put our brightest minds into cleaning the high levels of CO2 to let the infrared radiation out and start cooling the planet.

How about we figure out a way of cooling the caps? We can certainly heat shit up? how about we think of a way to cool the polar caps so they don’t melt?

I think there’s a lot of alternate solutions, wonder if the entire scientific community is stuck on the super hard solution of having the whole world change.

Thougts about world domination

After seeing Zeitgeist – The Movie, 2007 a couple times, these are the thougts in my mind.

World Bankers use:

  • Myths:
    • Religions (which go untaxed, and collect billions of dollars)
    • Terrorism (the faceless and impossible to beat enemy we can chase forever)
  • Distractions:
    • Media (controlled press, movies)
    • Consumist Culture (a lot of people have no clue what to spend their money on, so they buy themselves into what’s fashionable, which is promoted by the media)
    • Mediocre Educational Systems
    • Video Games, Movies (which distract me a lot)
  • War (to print more money which is borrowed at interest)
  • Oil (for which they control the supply and pricing, and pretty much enslaves the world)

And all of this uses the money that they print.

The Myths help bankers to create fear, with fear people accept Wars, Invasions, Rendition of Civil rights, all with a nodding fearful smile, just as long as we are safe and we’re doing the right thing according to our morals and religious beliefs.

The entertainment serves as a bubble, so we don’t bother in looking for the truth ourselves. You just need to see at Jib Jab’s video about all the things that happened in 2007 and you’ll see how well entertained we were while the oil price went to $100, and while a lot of people died all over the world in wars that are funded by bankers which lend the money at interest. I sometimes think, is there really an energy crisis? isn’t it also media bullshit so that markets panic and the oil prices keep getting higher? If these theories are true, the “men behind the curtains” are awesomely smart and powerful.

So what do we do?

I intend to use this knowledge and become a banker myself or at least as close to that as I can, the system is too hard to beat, since people accept the enslavery willingfully. Others might prefer becoming hippies with no possesions, others just don’t give a shit and will still act as the slaves they were meant to be.

Can you beat the system? I don’t think so.

How do you convince people that they really don’t need to believe in God, that there’s no such need and that it doesn’t exist? why do they blindly and massively believe in a myth? Why don’t they use their time on better things than praying (having mental monologues) and giving money to churches on which they get politically endoctrinated on sundays?

Another thing we can do, is starting to look for the truth by ourselves. Maybe things are the way they are, and Zeitgeist is just one big conspiracy theory, however it presents some facts about religion, wars and banks that you can’t help to think about.

If you want to feel like a slave, just go up and fill your gas tank, and look at the toll go up fast as hell while all you can think is “please stop, please stop, please stop”, and then end up paying $50 to fill up your tank.

I wanna be a world banker when I grow up, if you have a better idea on what to do to beat the system please leave a reply or two.