Ubuntu: WiCD Network Manager “Connection Failed: Bad Password” [SOLVED]

If you’re familiar with correctly entering your WPA2 password after an Ubuntu update and now your Netbook won’t connect using WiCD, I got the solution that worked for me.

Uninstall network-manager and restart WiCD

Open a terminal and type:
$ sudo apt-get remove network-manager

$ sudo /etc/init.d/wicd restart

You may have to restart wicd daemon twice in case you don’t see the wireless networks right away.

To Download or to Rip used CDs?

What you see above is a picture of the last 30 USED CDs I bought on Amazon.com.

These 30 CDs total a number of 454 tracks.

CD prices ranged between $1.61 to $9.18

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So I ask you… Should online music stores get their prices down to $0.50 per track? or you think $1.29 is the price of getting your song whenever you want, wherever you want?