[Playlist] Pendulum – Hold Your Colors

Purchase this album if you like it

Another great find for my Drum n Bass needs. Don’t miss the 14th song, “Still Grey

From Amazon:

Eagerly anticipated 2007 sophomore album from the awesome Australian Drum ‘N’ Bass trio. Hold Your Colour is packed with 13 bold and diverse tracks, from anthems to emotional journeys inspired by nearly every genre of music in existence. Check out furious dancefloor smashers ‘Slam’, ‘Hold Your Colour’ and ‘Tarantula’, the smooth and soulful ‘Plasticworld’, ‘Streamline’ and ‘Still Grey’ and the Latin-Rock-80’s-Electro fuelled Funk of ‘Girl In The Fire’. Breakbeat. 2007.

Major Cuil.com Flaw: it won’t work with more than 2 keywords

Everytime I try to do a query with more than two keywords, Cuil says:

We didn’t find any results for “apple google microsoft”

Some reasons might be…

* a typo. Please check your spelling.
* your search includes a term that is very rare. Try to find a more common substitute.
* too many search terms. Please try fewer terms.

Finally, try to think of different words to describe your search.

Does this have anything to do with the way they index content (supposedly cheaper and faster than google), or just a small bug on their logic once keywords are received?

Mael Santiago: Venezuelan Prodigy Teen Animator

Mael Santiago, from Caracas Venezuela is only 16 years old and can already demonstrate amazing skill and creativity in concept, direction, film, edition, post production, music composition and 3d animation, here’s his Short Film titled “Sausaguy” (completly created by him, only 16 years old!)

Here’s the making of Sausaguy

He also made the intro animation for BlogHogwarts.com videos

His Blog here.

Mael, we’d like to talk to you for some work related opportunities

My First Article to get Popular on Digg.

My First Article to get Popular on Digg.

Originally uploaded by Gubatron.

Thanks to musicaymas on plurk I found about this black dot that shows up on the top left corner of Gmail.

I took a couple of screenshots of it

and posted the link on digg, 12 hours later it was on the home page, now this is a screenshot of it on the top of the Technology-Images digg home.

Here’s the digg page

as of now with 2524 diggs, and 424 comments. My email is full of digg.com fan requests, it seems all the digging has paid off. Let’s see if subsequent submissions will be popular again.

As of today, flickr reports over 130 thousand views on the image. It’s awesome to get digged.

Breaking Hydrogen from H2O – Think of this for your car

Maybe a smaller system could be done for your car. It’d draw power from the alternator to break hydrogen into a tank, once that tank’s pressurised enough with hydrogen, when you press the gas, hydrogen could be released and sent to the engine’s cylinders (instead of Gasoline, or with Gasoline), helping you save gas.

Another way would you could use the hydrogen would be using a hydrogen fuel cell in the car, using the hydrogen and chemical reactions to produce electricity to charge another batery, and have electric engines on the wheels, when the bateries are charged enough, the Internal Combustion Engine rests and the other engines take over.

Now, if this thing succeeded, I wonder how fast we’d run out of water, we don’t have enough fresh water as it is in the world, but you could probably save up to 30% gas (pulling number out of my ass)

Gmail’s Black Dot

Gmail’s Black Dot

Originally uploaded by Gubatron.

On Both Firefox 3 and Safari, on 2 different GMail accounts I see a black/grayish dot on the top left corner.

Google only indexes Google groups talking about the subject as of today July 4th 2008

Do you get one too?

Please leave comments if you find out what this is about.

Smashing Pumpkins Playlist – From Seeqpod

I’ve been trying Seeqpod (and learning from it’s UI), and I must say it’s a very nice service, specially for creating playlists in no time. Let’s hope we’ll have similar functionality in MyBloop.com during the following months to make playlist creation way faster.

Here’s a Smashing Pumpkins playlist I put together in less than 2 minutes (including sign up time)

SeeqPod – Playable Search