It’s 2012 and elevator designers still haven’t put an UNDO button in panels

Don’t you hate when the wrong floor has been selected by someone and then everybody in the elevator has to pay with time for that error.

Enter the UNDO button for elevators. Such a simple idea.

It could work in 2 ways.

1. You press the button and it unselects the last button pressed, and so on.

2. You press the button, all selected buttons change color to hint the user you can undo any of them, and then press the floor you want to unselect.

Better yet! when are touchscreen elevator panels coming? that way we could update them, and even put ads on them (and even ads related to the floor you’re going to if you’re in a commercial building)

The Painter that learned to meditate

It was almost 3:30am and his eyes had just opened from a short 10 second nap he didn’t foresee coming, The painter was exhausted

All day he was working on a very intricate painting, with hundreds of details to keep track off, he was a perfectionist and as he went to bed and lay in bed with his eyes closed, he was still planning the strokes he would take the next day to finish another portion of his painting, when all of a sudden he realized he was no longer in bed, he was in a dream, and he could remember being fully conscious and that this place wasn’t real.

It was almost as if he was holding on to a line used to send information from both sides of a black hole, only that this one doesn’t suck light, it sucked consciousness.

It seemed that in either of these states of consciousness the amount of information that was being processed by his brain was so much that it could hardly work in parallel, his dream state was borrowing enough brain power to render the graphically detailed context only the mind of a painter could render, he realized this was the reason his dream state of mind was more like a movie on which he had no control of what was going to happen next.

The painter thought of all this, and thought of how every time he was curious to try and see what meditation was about, it all seemed to him like a croak of shit, just a voice telling him to imagine all these things and to somehow feel them, that was too hard to achieve, at least for him it was.

But this, this was the real deal, so he would practice every night this self-taught form of lucid dream meditation, he’d just try to focus on something really hard just waiting for his body to give up and go to sleep, yet his conscious mind would end up in the dreamworld where he’d find all sorts of answers to life, nobody had to explain anything.

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The tables are turning

The internet already allows for zero cost content distribution to large amounts of people with technologies like BitTorrent.

As the time goes by, labels will be lucky if they’re still getting artists signed, sites like Bandcamp and YouTube empower artists to go directly to their fans.

The tools at hand no longer create barriers for non popular genres to reach their audiences, the adoption and advance of smartphones and mobile networks will make it even easier to distribute content to your fans, right to the palm of their hand.

I believe the long tail of music taste is a far bigger market than the one the big labels have been focused on all these years, and that long tail is very reachable today by anybody with internet access (which is starting to spread massively on mobile devices).

When most content creators in the planet realize this, the attention of file sharers will be scarce and I think it will come to a point on which they’ll be willing to pay to reach the very audiences that will care about their work, at that point they will pay to share (think Google Adwords for content). Relevant discovery and recommendation tools are be very important for the massive amount of independent content being created every day.

Bands already want to share, Creative Commons licenses are here to show us what copyright should be like on the internet, The tables are turning and the channels are here and getting better and better.

Now extrapolate to every form of content.

Visions of the Future, No more screens.

Recent conversations about completely unrelated technologies with my friend Alden had me coming back to the blog so I can share with you some of my visions of what I really expect the future to bring one day in terms of technology. Some of these ideas will seem far fetched, but hey, dreaming is free.

I’ll be writing about these visions in posts to come, some of them I think I could even be part of right now to start changing the lives of millions, others I know are completely out of my reach. VCs and Entrepreneurs start taking notes and steal the ideas.

The End of Computer and TV Screens

I want to live in a world where I don’t need a computer screen to use an operating system or watch tv or movies.
I want to live in a world where there’s no limit in screen resolution, where I’ll be only limited by the capacity of my brain to process images.

I think the solutions will be implemented somehow (we’re thinking very high level here) in the following stages:

The Visual Stream will be “projected” first onto my retina, it’ll be part of a pair of sun glasses, or glasses. In the same device there’s also a camera and microphone that exists to read my arms/hands gestures and to interpret voice commands.

Months later they’ll come up with smaller, better technology that can be embedded in contact lenses.

You could achieve this stages, at first using an external device for processing the data, namely your smartphone connects to the Retina Projector Wirelessly. As technology gets better (maybe truly powerful nano-computing happens) all the processing could be done in the the glasses or contact lenses themselves.

Years go by and then it happens the way it should. The user interface and video streams are projected directly into our Brain’s Visual Cortex, all input from you (arms, fingers, facial gestures and maybe even thoughts) is read directly from different sections of the brain.

The applications would be amazing, content could be delivered directly to us, no need for computers or even a workplace. This would kill huge part of the electronics industry and would create a replacing technological field (brain processing units -> BPUs) so we get a better experience year after year.

If you’re currently working with a computer in an office 24/7, you could be doing that laying by a pool with your eyes closed not moving an inch of your body, yet being extremely productive or entertained. How many times I’m extremely busy but I feel bad that I haven’t gone to the gym or for a walk to get a little workout, I wouldn’t have to hold my smartphone and read that tiny ass screen, I could be walking and reading news, a book, or watching tv in a translucent screen the size of the sky if I wanted to.

There is be no IMAX theater screen that can match the size of a screen that’s as big as your imagination.

Stay tuned for more tangible visions on Brain Computer Interaction, and ideas for Smartphone software that we could be building today (had I the resources to do so)

My First Marathon in Pictures – 2010 ING Miami Marathon

Some pictures of my first full marathon.

Miami, January 31st 2010.
26.2 miles (18 miles of fun, 8.2 miles of torture)

Miles Trained since July 2009: ~650 miles

Chip Time: 4:41:03
Average Pace: 10:44 per mile
Overall: 1636th
Sex Total: 1869 Sex Place: 1179th
Division Total: 300 runners Division Place: 199th
Age Grade: 44.4%
10 KM time: 56:01
Half Marathon: 2:04:50
30 KM time: 3:06:44

Geek T-Shirt Collection #18 – sick PWNAGE!

Geekshirt #18 - Sick PWNAGE! - (front)

After working with Fitim and the crew at MyBloop, them being avid Starcraft, Diablo, WOW, Warhammer and many other RPG style games, they instilled in me the phrase “To Pwn” or “Pwnage” whenever we did something difficult in terms of programming or linux hacking when working on It was a way to say that we’d be superior to other developers who had no clue about the shit we were pulling off on that bare-bones-cheap-custom-hardware-file-server-cluster-web-app of ours.

Geekshirt #18 - Sick PWNAGE! - (back)

When something was over the top we’d say “Sick Pnwage”. If we’d be coding during the weekend we’d say “I’ll be Pwning this weekend”, and so on.

I liked the phrase so much that had to make a t-shirt to commemorate it for years to come.

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Birthday Trackbacks (30 yrs old – 2009)

As a way to thank back all the people that took a few seconds, minutes, or even hours preparing a happy birthday message for me, here’s the list of all of you. (Here’s last year’s)

– My beautiful wife
– Laura Borman [uk] (It was great to see you this year in London)
– Erika Acosta [es]
– Adelaida Moubayyed [es]
– Jonathan Mujica [ve]
– Gustavo Tovar [ve]
– My mom
– My sister Nicole
– My dad
– All the Swaman [ve,usa,uk,china]
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– My grandma Avelina
– My grandpa/uncle Juan
– My aunt Goya
– My aunt Rosa who took so much care of me during my teen years and I’ll never forget it
– My cousin Angel Eloy who this year made some cool videos
– My parents in law
– Katay Santos [called from China this year]
– Jairo Boudewyn [ve]
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