You know what really grinds my gears? Frasier’s Accent!

(Part of the title of this post has been taken from the Family Guy movie)

You know what really grinds my gears? Frasier!. I don’t think the show’s bad at all, it’s just different, but what bothers me about it, or what I can’t get is this…

Why if Frasier’s father is American, and speaks with an American accent, why does Frasier and his brother Nyles speak and behave like British men, those hard T’s? This lead me to think that somehow the character was British and somehow his dad was in America while he and his brother grew up…

So I told my girlfriend about this ‘gear grinding’ and she says that the charater is supposed to be an American that speaks properly… That only the maid (or Nyle’s wife) is the British one.

I suppose People on the tv news speak proper American English, and they don’t pronounce the T’s like Frasier. Plus the way Nyles and Frasier behave, if it wasn’t for their characters dating women on the show, they’d be totally gay if they weren’t British (cause there’s this thing or stereotype with British men that allows them to be a bit affeminate, I think it’s the way they talk or something, they all seem so gay to me, so tidy and bitchy about everything – not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 )

So, If anyone knows any facts about the story of these characters please let me know… I read somewhere on the internet that he was a British actor playing an american with a british accent… I need some light, these guys in some episodes speak with a strong english accent, but then on others they let out a few american softer T’s along the way/

Roda de Rua (Street Roda in Caracas)

Capoeira in Caracas is taken very seriously by Capoeira Senzala, they train very hard everyweek, and they always have street rodas where they “welcome” members from other capoeira schools. Things can get a bit “tense” every time someone from Capoeira Raices comes around, but other than that, Capoeira Senzala’ s game is known to be fast, agresive and very acrobatic.

Open Sourcing since the early days

Back in 1998 I was on my first year of Software Engineering in UCAB, our Algorithms and Programming I (by Prof. Omar Mendez and Alvaro Rebón) course was dictated using a functional language which at the time sounded esoteric to us, Haskell. (I’m glad I started with Haskell, We knew how to break things into functions, and understood concepts like recursion very easily because of that head start, later on we continued with Modula, Pascal, C, C++ and Java)

After I finished the course and my first project (A France 98 Soccer World Cup Sim), I decided to write a guide with tricks and tips to code projects in Haskell, since the course didn’t go down to the coding details as much as I would’ve wanted it. Back then I didn’t know words like ‘best practices’, ‘documentation’ or ‘open source’, all I knew is that it was stupid hiding code since we weren’t building rockets or guns, and that everyone should make use of those things I knew would work for them.

Of course I was a student, and broke, and I managed to sell a few of them 😉

You can download it for free, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s in spanish though.

Free Haskell Guide by Gubatron – Oct 1998 – Spanish

(For those who know me from UCAB, Don’t miss the ‘Thank You’ notes at the end of the document)

Confirmed: Going to Austria

Just like I’d always dreamed, I found the perfect excuse to go to Europe this year, “Coding”, and best of all, it will be an open source event.

Me and four other members of the team will be going to a Code Sprint in Austria. Last year’s code spring was done at a castle.

This time it the event will be held here

Representing Venezuelan coding power in Europe baby!, well be doing Web 2.0 stuff, large file handling, blogging, and more.

Look at the pictures of the place on flickr, this is supposedly where we’ll be coding like maddogs. I hope that hill will be covered with snow. We haven’ t have had enough snow this winter in New York, and I want to see what the alps snow is like.

Apple made history today

This morning all my cyber friends and all of the limewire developers were glued to our monitors watching the live feed of the Apple key note on x-chat, at the same time we all had our or our yahoo finance pages refreshing every 30 seconds seing how the stock price of AAPL was rocketing as Steve Jobs made more announcements.

Intel dual core

==bitching break==
In the meantime, I was pissed off cause I’ve been trying to open a brokerage account to buy AAPL stock, I feel that it will go to $100, and last week it was at $70 something, today it costs $80 after the keynote. Last year I found a site called, but I lost the damn site, and I haven’ t seen any banners in yahoo finance, so there was no way for me to find them (Thanks Maritza for telling me about it, I ended up opening an account in 10 minutes, thing I couldn’ t do with Scottrade [for being on an h1] or Citibank that took 2 weeks to respond and trades for $24.95 per transaction [fcuk you]), so I finally have the account, but the funds I put in it will probably take like 4 days to be on the account, god damn it. Information is power, If I only had had the “”  URL, I’d probably had made a lot of money today.
==end of bitching break==

You can see the keynote webcast here (needs quicktime or quicktime compatible player)
You can see the transcript of the keynote here

Well, as you all know by now, today was a historic day since Intel Macs are officially on the market. What’s gonna happen next? Microsoft Linux? I don’ t think so, just kidding, but seriously, I wonder if this was the best move for Apple, certainly it is for the consumer.

Will people will find a way to run the operating system on regular pcs? (I say yes)
Will this new possibility make apple loose sales but start a software empire (like Microsoft which has acknowledged in several ocassions that many of its users don’ t own a license to their operating system, but they have everyone grabbed by the balls)
Or will these new intel macs have everyone drewling over them, and once people try the OS on a regular pc, and see how cool it is when you run it on the real thing, then you end up buying more mac hardware???

Only time will tell, all I know is
/me wants one.
* gubatron wants one

Nice ‘Tux’ Wallpaper – A CC Lesson

Today I was browsing flickr (I’m becoming an addict ever since I got my pro account), and I found this picture of a penguin in antartica. Immediatly being the geek I am, I thought of Tux + Wallpaper, but there was a problem, the picture was only 500×314.

So I sent a comment to the guy who shot it:
“I’d be nice if you shared this picture on a higher resolution for the Linux Community. Our mascot “Tux” is a penguin!”

40 mins later The Photographer *christopher* sent a reply saying he was sharing it in higher resolution with a Creative Commons License.

Sharing is good, Please help spread this image among your Linux User Friends, remember to read the corresponding Creative Commons License.

Thanks *christopher*