Why Flickr is so cool

I just saw one of my pictures on flickr.com, then I clicked on “More Properties“, I hadn’t paid attention to that small link at all before.

After being amazed by all the details about my camera and about the picture… I then noticed the links to Date Taken, and Date Uploade.
So I clicked on the date it was taken,and it shows an album with the pictures taken that day. Paulina was there that day, she can confirm it’s very accurate.
Then I click on the month…and of course!, it does for me what I have been doing manually in my computer. I have a folder for each year, then another for each month, and then another for each day!!!, this thing does it for me just by uploading the pictures, and at the same time I can group them in sets, and I can even join other people that shoot about the same things that I do. It’s really a great service, I love it.

Also, check this Calendar view.

PS: Thanks Kakei for having pushed me to upgrade my account (I know this sounds like a flickr commercial, but I’m just sharing my experience), even though it should be $1 monthly, $2 isn’t that bad. This $25 have been the best $25 I’ve spent so far this year (hehe, it’s only jan 6), it’s totally worth it, if you’re thinking about getting a flickr account, and you’re serious about your digital photography collection, you need to upload it to flickr or a similar service.

Capoeira Senzala Venezuela

capoeira senzala venezuela

Originally uploaded by Gubatron.

This is a picture of my little sister Nicole in front of the Capoeira Senzala Venezuela (http://www.capoeiracaracas.com)
it seems as if she was teaching the class.

The location is a late 1800s jail turned into a museum in Caracas. The lighting is amazing, the place makes you feel like you are an ancient Capoeirista.

Some of the best Capoeiristas and acrobats of the world teach in these class. Emerson, Katay, Pipoka, Extra and Mogly are Capoeiristas that don’t surpass the 26 year old age and will amaze you like no other.