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Linux Ubuntu finally arrived.

Ubuntu Linux from Netherlands finally delivered the copies I ordered for you guys.

After taking my copies and giving some to my friends, I have the following
in Inventory for those who are interested:

-> 9 Ubuntu Linux 5.04 for Intel x86

-> 1 Ubuntu Linux 5.04 for AMD64/EM64T

-> 4 Ubuntu Linux 5.04 for PowerPC

After those run out, I can make copies of the ones I left for me
and ship them to you. I will only charge a symbolic price for the media
and the shipping cost.

More about Linux Ubuntu at

It comes with 2 CDs, the Live CD and the Install CD.
The Live CD allows you to run Ubuntu without installing it, you just reboot your machine with it, and you’ll be running Linux from the CD. This is good to test the compatibility of your hardware against ubuntu. Once you know how it behaves, and if you like what you see, you can proceede to install Ubuntu with the install disc.

Those interested can write to to see if we’re out of inventory.

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