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King Kong Sucks – Give me back my 10 bucks

I have to admit that whoever did the promo trailer of the movie is a genious.

The whole marketing was a success, I felt the urge to go see this movie, cause it was the dream of the guy who made the fucking lord of the rings ever since he was a kid.

Next time Peter, stick to a good script. I guess that’s why lord of the rings ruled and King Kong sucked.

Whoever wrote the action sequences and all the tacky dialog deserves to be killed, this is a movie for Kids.

Amazing special effects, but the action sequences in the island couldn’t be more cheesier, tackier and ridiculous. The fight between Kong and the Rexes is just way out of line and stupid. And characters keep saving themselves from dying in very ridiculous ways.

I know it’s a fantasy film, but you have to have limits in fantasy, if not it becomes ridiculous. Not worth going to the movies.

I hadn’t felt like this in a movie theather since “Angel Eyes” with Jennifer Lopez, I just wanted to get out of the theater, and I’m pretty condescendent with movies.

I must say I only had fun at the beginning of the movie, how they showed New York back then, and then I just had to entertain myself predicting all these cheese lines, and things that would happen, anyone could write that script just thinking how to do it as worse as they could.


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