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Dream: Raul, Internet Wireless Radio, Mutants and Nanobiology in the Future

Last night I dreamed I talked on the phone with my childhood friend Raul (hope he’s doing fine), I wanted to do business with him since Howard Stern had gone to Satellite Radio, I thought the next wave for radio would be Internet Radio on WiMAX phones.

So we agreed to meet at this location of his…, and this place was pretty much like the X-Men campus, there were all these mutants, and there was this place where they would make me mutate into something, so I gave it a try, and I ended up having this spinal structure attached to my back, right on top of my spine, it was polished metal and it was not spikey, it ended up in flat blocks, one stacked up on top of the other.

Then some bad being came into the campus, and there was this awesome battle, but I was really afraid, I was a new mutant not trained to fight, so I hid on a room, which went dark and I was almost ready to die, some how I found myself in some sort of deserted place, and I walked until I saw a highway, and I was in a city.

Everybody in the city would smile at me, since I looked weird, and they were all normal, but the city was too clean. They would tell me things like, “nice halloween custom, but its not halloween dude” , and then I start to see that the smoke coming out of the buses gets eaten right away by these invisible things, and that the dirt on the floor is also eaten away by similar things, so I asked a kid about it and he said… well, that’ s dumb, it’ s microorganisms, like if everyone would know.

So I figured in the future we’ll learn to manipulate bacteria and microrganisms the way we want to build nanomachines now, instead we might make mutations of these micro-organisms so that they deal with pollution and things we don’t need.

There was also a bad character in the dream, it was the ruler of the city, and to me this character was President Chavez, and I felt that since I was the only mutant around, it was my duty to kill this guy, but he was too well protected, he was some sort of droid like being that lived inside this futuristic black tank with all sorts of proximity sensors that I found out when I approached him, and I almost got killed. The escaping sequence in the dream was awesome.

I’ ve never had a dream with as many special effects as this one, not even when I was a kid, and I swear I didn’ t do any drugs last night, I just ate a tuna sandwich and didn’ t have enough water to drink.

The dream was so cool and real, that I thought I had travelled or had a glimpse (Nostradamus like) of the future. It had much more structure when I woke up, I’ ve should’ ve posted this back in the morning, but I was late for work.

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