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Things I’d like to do:

I’ll put the list of things I’d like to do (code wise) to the public to see If I’m a bit embarrased and actually do em instead of talking about them:

– Release a new version of, or fix the current one so the interface is cleaner, faster, and it has an XML output for every lyric so that every mp3 player software company gets interested on my XMLLyric format and everyone can have lyrics of their favorite songs, also for this create an XMLRPC way to insert Lyrics, (I think I almost got this one figured out, today I created my first XMLRPC server and it was a piece of cake, hmm, maybe all the lyrics stuff should be done through XMLRPC instead) [The Whole Lyrics stuff is up there, mp3 players can fetch lyrics from freely]
– Make the Lyrics wikiable, in the sense that anyone could fix them, and the owner could roll back versions in case someone deleted the lyrics. [not done yet]
– Finish the blog aggregator service for wedoit4you so that we can finally have automated news on the site, and it remains up 2 date everyday. That way I can keep writing on my blog and on and all my stuff will be there too. [finished and getting fancier and fancier everyday]
– Start!!! [not started]
– Finish the translation tool for the limewire project, this time using Tkinter (python) and XMLRPC (it’s on it’s way). We need to have LimeWire in many other languages, translators are welcome :)  [guess I’ll do this with rosetta]
– Finish my gnutella crawler and add it a simple magnet server, and even try to do searches on the network, maybe I could create a Creative Commons search engine, or index on the Gnutella network. I have 2 unfinished versions of the crawler, one in C++ with the Qt Libraries, and another which is a bit more complete in PHP5. For both I promess to release the source code (if it’s decent enough) [done with the http version of the crawler, about to begin with the magnetserver]

– Do a page with google maps where I can click and save all the cities I’ve been in my life. Then do this multiuser, and probably add it as a service to so that people can brag about where they’ve been or at least see how much of the world they still have to see. Having this info about many people could be useful for something, maybe to find people that have gone to the same place that you have around the same dates would be interesting for friendship, business, or who knows…just for fun. (maybe won’t d this, but it’s a cool idea)
– On the google maps note, grab whatever I was doing with the subways, and one day at least use the data I have about all the stations in manhattan and draw the subway lines, with the intention of making a page that tells you what trains to take to go from one place to another… although some already implemented one thing and the other thing (whithout gmaps… the first guy will probably add the rest before I have time to do this) [dropping this one, there’s work underway by some other people on this, can’t waste time, but it would’ve been fun]
– Find some decent excuse to code in C++, I’ve been reading books on C++ for over 6 months now, been reading C++ Qt3, Beginning Open GL, And the C++ Primer, finally understood a lot of shit that I didn’t fully understand (like pointers and references, const, inline methods, mutable, class templates, operator overloading, and so much more), what an interesting language, wish I had the chance to work with it for real, but it seems all the stuff I gotta do is just easier to do with scripting languages like PHP, Python, Ruby.

– Install the Mail Server in [help, someone help with this, got no time for dicking around with the server anymore]
– One day launch 🙁 (see it here waiting to be launched)

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