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Dream+Conspiracy Theory: NSA + Google + Human Genome Project = 1

It’s been a while I don’t wake up and write down what I just dreamed, let’s see how well I remember the dream I had this morning.

It seems the episode of south park where the elderly people take over the town to recover their driver’s licenses, in a funny way has some truth to it, old people wake up fucking early, some of them get things done while we sleep in, some of them just wake up on a saturday morning at 6:30am and start yelling at their TV.

Last night I went to bed at 3am coding language support for SnowRSS (yay finally) and this morning, the old man that lives next to me, who fucking speaks yells to the TV everytime he sees what he considers a bad sport player “Get Rid of Him, That son of a Bitch” (with an italian accent), woke me up just now, at 7:30am, If he only knew the tv can’t hear him and he rembered that he’s yelling, I would have a much better story to tell you now.

From the dream, I just remember I was either talking or thinking that the NSA (National Security Agency) owned the Human Genome Project, also they owned Google because they needed to know more about people’s life for one of it’s purposes.

In this case, it seemed the government had a project where all this information could be used to factor humans with specific qualities to target different problems. Let me explain,
If they for example needed a human being that had certain characteristics phisically, and certain mind characteristics for a task they foresaw in the future, such as the creation of a nanoweapon or something very different but equally important to them, as the creation of a political leader, etc.

The government would use their data on people’s behaviour, social background, relationships, and their genetic data, to be able to know which people should get together to live (at different levels, who should be friends, who should live together, who should leave you) to “naturally” engineer special human beings… this means, suppose you were born in 1980 and you had a certain cultural background and social interaction, and you were one of the key factors on the creation of this special being, they would run your data (genetic, social, cultural, academical, profesional, tastes, shopping behaviour, medical, etc) against thousands of people found to be usable for this project, then with the outputs of this computations they would find someone else born in 83, in certain region of the world, would be convenient to marry you so that you can have a child with certain characteristics which in turn could either be THE ONE, or part of the next process for the creation of THE ONE.
I know I’m crazy, but I think everything is possible, and once again… this was a dream.

If this match wasn’t needed in the next few years, they could run this algorithm in several other possible couples in all the world to find a match for your would be children, and so on in as many necessary generations, until they’d finally have that perfect person for that important role.

Then they would use their tentacles to have you live and work and certain places, meet certain people, etc (remember the power they have, remember other people might be engineered to be part of the process of engineering of others), it’s almost as if we were genetically pre-programmed, that we all had a purpose.

    So that’s what I remember from this dream. Things I’ve watched this week:

  • South Park every night
  • V for Vendetta
  • Lost

I’ve also thought a lot about the Matrix, how I think a lot of people in the Matrix were just programs that had a purpose, and how in a way, Agents were like Garbage collection systems, entitled to delete unreferenced objects from the memory of the Matrix, they talked a lot about purpose, when Objects aren’t referenced by anyother element in a system, it means they’re done with what they’re doing, and it’s the job of the Garbage collector to clean unused memory, I think that’s what the Agent’s were in the matrix, a much more higher level version of Garbage Collection inside that massive interactive neural simulation.
Gotta love that fucking movie.

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