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Anyother NY day with Gubatron

My friend Ian Walker told me he was recording some sort of film or documentary about his life to distribute it on the FrostWire network. I decided to give it a try with something shorter, so I grabbed my Cannon PowerShot SD110 (just a crappy 3.2mp photocamera that happens to shot video in 320×240), and a lot of enthusiasm to shoot a normal, random day in my life, which happened to be perfect for shooting this video cause the company I work for moved yesterday to a new place and there was no internet connection, therefore I have little or nothing to do…)

Turn up the Volume!!!

Turn up the Volume all the way, the music will be cool

Download in high resolution (Needs Quicktime or VLC with Quicktime codec Share it with Frostwire)

Anyways, this is just a test of what I can do with iMovie and a crappy cam, I already have over 20 minutes of footage of all Manhattan which I recorded a couple months ago, and I’m putting something much better for you guys to appreciate why I love New York.

Produced, Filmed, Edited and Distributed by Gubatron.

This video is licensed under the Creative Commons License, you can copy it and share it however you want as long as you don’t make a dime out of it, and as long as you give credit to Gubatron and

Donations are welcome by paypal, I need to buy a minidv cam, it’s just $350, it’d be cool if you could help me get half, just send paypal money to (Just in case that there’s a good soul out there who’ll give at least $1 for the entertainment)

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