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Nu: Tone – Back of Beyond

Straight out of the oven, if you know who Nu: Tone is, you probably already hit the play button on the bloop player.
This album came out this June 2007, I pre ordered it on, and it finally arrived today Sept. 24th 2007.

This is the list of tracks:

Track Listings
1. Beliefs - Pat Fulgoni, Nu: Tone
2. Deep Old
3. System - Nu: Tone, Natalie Williams
4. Missing Link
5. Take Me Back - Commix, Nu: Tone
6. What's Your Leisure? - Nu: Tone,
7. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Logistics, Nu: Tone
8. Beatnik
9. Never Together
10. Up + Down
11. Boy Who Lost His Smile
12. Goofy
13. Jet Stream - Nu: Tone

You can also listen to Nu:Tone’s previous album Brave Nu World

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