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Hugo Chavez, the worse threat to the Western Hemisphere

A few things about effing Hugo Chavez and why the US should take this guy as a threat worse than Al-Qaeda:
– Openly hates and resents the US and has insulted the Bush administration in every way possible
– Recently Spent over USD $3 billion in weapons
– Friends of Fidel Castro, Iran, China
– Helps the FARC infiltrate back to Colombia with Air Support (might be planning a war against Colombia to destabilize the region)
– Allows Al-Qaeda terrorist cells to operate freely in the country
– Legislates at his own will in over 50 matters (by decree)
– Recently trying to change the constitution to have infinite re-election
– Nationalized Oil, Electricity, and Telecommunications industries.
– Controls the media (shutdown RCTV), and is about to launch another TV Channel by the government
– Has a direct air traffic bridge from Caracas-Teheran with IranAir, flying known islamic terrorists and printing venezuelan IDs for them, which later allow them to obtain American Visas and enter the US legally
– Has lobbyists in Washington which he controls by offering profits from the Venezuelan oil industry
– Antisemitic
– 1 venezuelan is murdered every 30 minutes (crime related and violence related deaths, there is no security in Venezuela)

and the list goes on and on…

Embed this video on your blog or send this article to all your friends, the truth about this danger to the western hemisphere should be known. My country has no future unless this regime disapears completely, freedom for Venezuela.

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  1. While I do agree with some of the points you’re making, some of the stuff such as the whole “omfg he’s insulted washington and Bush” add nothing to your point, and makes you sound like a whiny little kid.

    Your last point, although interesting and extremely sensationalistic, is in no way the fault of the current government. The crime in Venezuela has been alive and present for more than two decades now, with eras bloodier than now.

    Any idea how hard it is for a Venezuelan national to get an American Visa? not that easy.

    Please don’t think that this comment was for the sole purpose of flaming, but it does irritate me when people get extremely personal and start confusing fact with opinion.

    PS. The only reason why I’m in this country is because my parents didn’t like/agree with the govt. so I’m not just some random guy.

  2. Gabriel.

    The point is this when I say he insults washington.

    Its not only that he insults washington, but he’s always talking about how much he hates the empire and how other countries should turn against the empire. When a guy like this, which also spreads the same speech wherever he goes (and helps others win elections), spends billions in Weaponry, I think I make a point, it doesn’t make me sound like a “whiny little kid”, you saying this makes me think you hardly read or tried to put your mindset as if you were me writing this.

    Crime has been alive in Venezuela and every other country, but since 98 forward crime rised along anarchy. There’s social hate which has been seeded by the mouth of the man himself. Tell me if in 92 you couldn’t walk without fear in the streets of Caracas, I remember feeling safe until 97 (Caldera), but I remember having fear of not coming back home after 2003 or so.

    Maybe you’ve not had the awful experience of having someone close to you being kidpnapped by the Venezuelan Army for months. This is something that’s totally new in the equation, given the man is building himself an second army.

    We’re fucked, there’s no turning back at this point, too many people are probably brainwashed with the communist bullshit, its very sad. Only time will tell and eventually the venezuelan people will learn the lesson so many other countries have learned the same way, and we will have a REAL revolution.

  3. Gubatron…
    Your points are 100% valid and with common sense, I don´t see any “whiny little kid” attitude in your comments. It´s just rude facts. We are facing a monster of history. Time will show it up clearly. Unfortunately many people can´t see it clearly because of so many reasons. A government which constantly lies in every sense, which is unable to create jobs with oil price in its worldreacord peak of $90 per barrel. It´s so difficult to get the picture of what it´s real and what it´s not when you face
    such a waste of people like these “revolucionarios” highly corrupted, liers as profession to whom every new against the government is a “media convenience”, no matter if the images and words are clear they always say it´s faked by the white house or CIA, if students protest, they are bought by the US embassy, if “Concejos Comunales” “Cooperativas” or “Empresas de Produccion Social” don´t work is people´s fault, never the government. Our money is spread all over the world while our people is starving and without housing but it´s totally justified by the revolution. They think they are buying support but other countries are just fooling and taking advantage of such a cheap sale.
    You are completely right about the historic point. History is crude, it´s just happening again. what a pity so many venezuelan people have not read about it yet. It´s so easy to ground the seed of communism when our people have a huge lack of knowledge. We need to work hard in that way and emphasize in the message so they can open their eyes by themselves. Violence and crime in this country have no precedents, this is worst then ever. I cant understand Gabriels comment´. This is not even close to Venezuela 1o years ago. Justice is kidnapped and the citizen is losing rights.
    Thanks for your idea to something about this issue

  4. Por eso es que no pueden sacar a chavez de la Presidencia, no es molestoso que un Gringo este de acuerdo con un video asi, pues digamos con sinceridad que eso es normal, es lo que ellos ven que se le puede hacer, pero apuesto lo que sea a que entre los comentarios en español hay un venezolano Guindao de una corbata, ojo sin aluciones personales! es solo que a veces es triste! pero bueno cada quien es como es! es solo que bueno hay personas que son mas que serviciales! jejejejejeje

  5. I’m sorry but YOUR mindset? Unless you directed and wrote that movie, which by the way is nothing but American propaganda, you copied all the points that were made in that movie. And I’m sorry what kind of mindset can you have? how long has it been since you’ve LIVED in Venezuela? I could understand if you were making observations, but can’t have a mindset as to how life is when you are not living it.

    I actually agree with some of the points but you and the directors of this movie all lose any credibility with all their conspiracy theories. It’s good to have movies like this or the “revolutionary” ones to have a point of reference, but when you start to eat up all the shit they give you and proclaim as your own, then there’s a problem.

    It’s funny how you are all up in arms because Venezuela is spending billions on weaponry instead of, i don’t know, feeding the poor or something, but you are also on the USA’s side. A country whose government is causing the average American family a lot of money that would otherwise go to their social security savings or something.

    When you said I hadn’t experienced the violence in Venezuela, that actually made me laugh, I’ve been held at gunpoint a couple of time and once had a knife right at my jugular. So if what you have is fear, I have experience.

    I have to admit that I have no memory or recollection of Venezuela in the 90s, because I was simply too young, but one thing that I have very clear is that we can’t keep going back to how well things were before Chavez came. We have a situation, we have to work it out, obviously he fucked up, but there are things that can be picked up from this “regime” and adapted into a more tolerant society.

    I, by no means, am a supporter of Chavez but neither a supporter of some the ideals of the opposition which include scraping everything Chavez’s done. While i don’t agree with all power to the government, I do agree that he has, in some ways, given more power to average person than ever before.

    .Politics irritate me.

  6. Tengo 35 años viviendo en Venezuela y nunca había visto tanta miseria, desempleo, inseguridad e injusticia como la estoy viendo ahora. Lo digo con bases, vivo con miedo, y tengo experiencia. Las cosas aquí no son como las describen, son peor.
    Ya ninguna zona de la ciudad es segura, cada semana hay un nuevo record en robos y asesinatos. Hasta de la policía tenemos miedo. No hay ningún lugar de la ciudad donde no haya un mendigo, niño o mujer pidiendo limosna; hasta dentro de los restoranes piden limosna. No hay ningún semáforo de la ciudad donde no se pare un muchacho a hacer malabares para que le den unas cuantas monedas. El 80% de lo que dice el video es verdad, los venezolanos escuchamos en sus cadenas televisivas todas esas cosas que el mismo dice.

  7. Rafael Caldera llega al poder por segunda vez en 1994. Con este triunfo, recoge los frutos de su discurso del 4 de febrero de 1992, fecha de una intentona golpista en contra del segundo gobierno de Carlos Andrés Pérez. La frase de Caldera “no se le puede pedir a un pueblo hambreado que se inmole por la democracia que no ha sido capaz de darle de comer” pero me imagino que todo estaba bien no habia pobreza ni violencia……al final el gobierno de Caldera se caracterizo tambien por ser ampliamente ineficaz,.
    También se inició un proceso de apertura petrolera que muchos catalogaron como el preludio a la privatización del sector, aunque no se llegó a concretar por factores externos. Un hecho recalcable, es la realidad que a consta del inmenso ingreso que represento para la nación la renta petrolera, alrededor de 500 mil millones de dólares se perdieron en la corrupción que carácterizo los gobiernos de la última mitad del siglo XX. Pero la corruptela estaba bien por que no era “comunista”….si claro Y no voy hablar de los golpes ni los dictadores anteriores pero para algunos todo estaba bien claro como los muertitos no hablan, pero los dolares si…..o los bolivares…antes no habia mendigos si…..como no