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What’s New?

For now I’ve spotted some new things like:

  • Smart links to share YouTube videos or pictures (flickr urls should point to the photo page not the photo url)
  • Qualifiers, you can select a “verb” to specify what you want to write about e.g. “thinks”, “shares”. This makes you talk about yourself in 3rd person (very much like /me in IRC)
  • Karma. Updated every 24 hours, supposedly based on how active you’ve been and how many people you’ve invited. The more Karma you get, the more Emoticons available, also some features are unlocked, like having an “About” section available.
  • Cliques. You can create groups of friends, or co-workers, and you can send plurks only to your cliques, pretty cool.
  • Edit a message. In twitter you need to delete your twitt and twitt it again. In Plurk you can just edit your message
  • What’s it made of?

    Plurk seems to be written in Python/MySQL/Linux on the backend and JavaScript/ActionScript (and all the rest of AJAX stuff you need [HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML,etc etc]) this according to their Jobs section.

    Next Page: What it needs?

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