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HP Slate: “Sup Biatch, Who’s your Flash Daddy?” ADAM: “Me”

No wonder Adobe wasn’t sweating it much when Steve Jobs was bad mouthing them…

Check the HP Slate demo video by Adobe after the break, gotta love it when he rubs it in by saying that 85% of the Top Websites run flash. Sorry Steve, I’m not with you on this one, Flash is no dying technology and after all you can’t be right all the time. However… where will I put my money? certainly not on a Windows running device, find out about why I think you should not even consider the iPad, and what’s already more promising than the HP Slate.

Like I said before, iPad, iPass. HP has a huge corporate client contact list, they’ll be able to push this down to a lot of people at work if that’s what they intend.

It seems like this will be one of those cases where Apple tried to innovate in a stubborn way but others quickly stole the idea and marketed it better, Apple will have to adapt to the need of millions (if they want to go a little more massive and really “change the world” like they did with the iPod) just by not being stubborn and allowing flash in, otherwise it’ll be nothing but a product for Mac fans.

C’mon Mac Fans, Won’t it suck to not be able to watch Hulu on your iPad? or when somebody sends you a really cool video on Vimeo? iPad owners will probably not admit it, but it’ll be a thorn in the foot everytime they can’t see Flash content which is everywhere. The $500+ tablet that can’t surf the web, that has no camera, no usb, no multitasking and that has less storage than a cheap $200 netbook. You gotta think about this twice if you’re really buying the iPad.

Note: I’m an Apple user myself, ever since the Apple //c, I’ve had my fair share of iMacs, MacBooks, every iPod, an iPhone and an Apple TV that I returned cause the product sucked. If I think you’re wrong I won’t side with you, Mac Fans: you gotta admit when a product sucks, that’s the only way Apple will get it’s shit together and make better products for all of us. I hope Apple reconsiders Flash eventually, they only hurt the customers by being so selfish and stubborn.

The HP’s Voodoo Blog says:

“With this slate product, you’re getting a full Web browsing experience in the palm of your hand. No watered-down Internet, no sacrifices. We just posted a quick video showing some more of what that’s like as well as how the slate device will work as an eBook reader.”

Bottom Line, am I buying this?

No, even though it supports Flash it has one major flash that kills the deal for a geek like me. It runs Windows. I don’t want to deal with all it’s issues (viruses, antiviruses, spyware, BSODs,Microsoft)

Where am I putting my money? Probably on the ADAM

Introducing the ADAM

Why am I buying it?
OS: Android, Ubuntu, Chrome
Flash Support: Of course
Camera: Yes, 3 Megapixel and it rotates 180degrees front to back and in between. Skype has found the hardware it was meant to run.
No Hover Issues: It’s multitouch and it has a touch pad on the back.
Multitasking: Of course.
Storage: SD Card (Toshiba is offering 64Gb SD cards already)
Price: Starts at $327
When: June/July 2010

Let’s hope the ADAM guys will have the marketing muscle, it looks like it can kill the iPad on arrival, however I doubt most people will find out about it or trust an unknown company to buy it, they gotta get some big brand to back them, Google could be the one.

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