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Got Co-Workers asking Stupid Questions all the Time?


If you didn’t get to choose your development team and your company doesn’t have a rigorous hiring process for software developers, you’re very likely to to be surrounded by a few idiots.

Constant interruptions are bad for concentration and they hurt productivity.

If this is your situation I recommend you start acting like an asshole and bring this mug to work.

The funny thing is that depending on the level of hacker literacy of those around you they might even have the naivety to ask you what the mug letters mean the first time they see it (if they have some curiosity for your geek toys), after a first explanation of the mug letters the next time you’re too busy to answer things which can be Googled just raise your mug and drink (or pretend to be drinking), a mean look while drinking helps too. If they remember what those letters meant they’ll start thinking about it before asking questions. It’s Netiquette applied to the real world.

If they keep asking stupid questions just send them this post and remind them about your mug.

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  1. The question that makes me want to punch everyone who asks it is “What are you having for lunch?”
    Why the heck do they care? They can’t have any? I refuse to sit in the breakroom so I don’t have to hear that ridiculous question!

    • I don’t mind that question at all, it probably means that person wants to know what the hell you’re doing because they don’t have an idea themselves and might want to join you.