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Seasteading and Blueseed – are international waters the fast lane to mankind’s future?

Every aspect of the world evolves with technology except political systems.

If government was an industry (which it is) it’d be the largest most inefficient one. If you saw countries as companies and citizens as customers it’d be one lousy industry, one on which some companies get to even kill their own customers.

How would the forefathers have designed our government system if they had the internet? (I can give you some ideas for that)

It’s an industry that doesn’t allow for new companies, therefore it’s stagnated and the world is in major dudu.

In this talk they propose to use the sea as the place to experiment new forms of politics, medical care, entrepreneurship.

My only concern is, how do you protect those from countries and from pirates?


Also make sure to checkout Blueseed a project to create the first Incubator Vessel 12 nautical miles west of California, out of the jurisDICKtion of the US, so that entrepreneurs from all over the world can come without having to apply for a stupid work VISA. This is not a project to employ foreign worker, this is a project to empower entrepreneurs that want to have an impact in the US economy and create the jobs we need in the US. Pretty sick idea, specially what they reveal about their business model: rent + equity of every startup on board, the potential to make billions, so basically a technologically nurturing environment at sea, the sea startup incubator.

The world needs to move forward, and lawyers politicians seem to be in the way of it all. This is a very cool example how creative minds tackle problems.

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