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How to build your Docker image using the same Dockerfile regardless of the host architecture


If you are now using docker on a Mac M1 (arm64 platform), you don’t want to use amd64 as the architecture for your Linux Images.

You could have 2 lines on your Dockerfile and comment each one depending on where you’re building the image


# Building on Apple Silicon host
FROM --platform=linux/arm64 ubuntu:20.04

# Building on Intel/x86_64 host
#FROM --platform=linux/amd64 ubuntu:20.04

Eventually this becomes very annoying.


You can pass a build time argument when you invoke docker build

Put this on your Dockerfile:

FROM --platform=linux/$BUILDPLATFORM ubuntu:20.04

On your script:

export BUILDPLATFORM=`uname -m`
docker build --build-arg BUILDPLATFORM=${BUILDPLATFORM} -t myimagename .

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