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How babies watch cartoons in 2011

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Baby watches polish cartoons for free, on demand, on YouTube, on a Tablet, on WiFi - Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Here’s my 18 month old, watching Polish cartoons on YouTube right after waking up. Think of all the technology* that had to come together to make this happen and how technology helps to preserve and spread culture.

Just 10 years ago this wasn’t possible. She would’ve had to be in Poland or we’d have to buy a special cable package with a polish channel (which would probably not be available in South Florida since there’s not that many polish people down here). If we had gotten a polish channel, we’d probably have to have her watch tv at a certain time and the cartoon she’s watching is probably too old to be aired.

She’s able to watch Polish cartoons and her mom is happy to know her daughter is having a similar cultural experience as the one she had during her childhood, to reinforce the language.

I’m able to teach her so many things with a few creative YouTube searches or with Google/Bing image search (for vocabulary and object recognition exercises), my baby’s cognitive development and language development eclipses mine probably by 3 fold when I was that age.

Her vocabulary is not only far larger than mine at that age, she knows most of it in spanish, polish and english (there’s just no other way for her to interact with the grand parents). She’s probably listened to more music since she was in the womb than all the music I heard up until age 4.

I think we should all be making our babies consume as much knowledge as possible, the rate of change they will have to go through during their lifetimes will be brutal, and they’ll need the tools to handle it and stay current. It will be amazing to see what these babies will be able to do for the world once they grow up.

High level Technologies worth mentioning for this to happen.
C, C++, Linux, Android, High Speed Inter networks and all of their stack which is too big to mention (the internet), WiFi, Dual Core cpus (and all the technology to make that happen starting from nanoscale transistors), Flash Memory, capacitive touchscreen, lithium batteries, Liquid Cristal Displays, Video Codec Technology, YouTube.

My decade in a post

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

2006 was a great year for me, and now that I think about having an even better 2007 I guess its worth to resume the last 10 years in this post, since it was 1996 the year I finished high school.

1996, I want to be an engineer

I’m 16 years old, finished high school and got accepted to study Software Engineering at the UCAB in Caracas, Venezuela. The university just opened up the career that year so I was there for the first classes ever given to software engineering students in the faculty, we had a lot of responsability into being the best we could be to make a name for the school, and so far I think we’ve been doing a great job, in our country and out.

During these years my parents sold their accounting firm and bought a liquor store, in 98 Chavez wins the president and things start getting worse and worse economically for us.

After a lot of hard work, sacrifices and being really really broke for many years I finished school and got my engineering degree in 6 years.

During this time I worked for Microsoft Venezuela doing marketing and product launch support, then I worked for the venezuelan Java Center with great java engineers, I might say the best java engineers in the country at that time (Ing. Sergio Fernandez), then I worked for a consulting company called DKV Asociados along engineer Angel Olivera doing my internship and thesis under his tutorship.

2002, I’m an Engineer

Here’s a picture of the group on the graduation day, most of us started on the first promotion but ended on the third one, things in school in Venezuela aren’t as easy as in the US where you pretty much know what’s gonna happen on your exams.

So right after graduation, that december the country goes on a full stop for over a month so that Chavez would quit, but he won’t do it, even the oil industry goes along with it, Mr. Chavez just fired almost every executive wasting millions of dollars in human capital, as a consequence many other companies that work with the companie loose all the contracts, including the one where I worked for, so I pretty much lost my job…

2003, Flirt with the US, then leave my country
So I get a call from a friend in the oil industry telling me there’s a startup in Miami that needs a pocket pc developer, I start working for them off shore, and a few months later…

I’m off to Miami. I travel back and forth until the company decides to take me in for good.

After a year of work and learning all what I needed to learn about the job and developing a larger scale system and the american culture…

Up to this point… from 2000 till like aug 2004, Marjorie was very much part of my life, but everything has an end and so did my chapter in Miami, I went on a trip to New York for the first time I believe in May 2004, this trip absolutely changed my perception of life and I felt I was completely wasting my time in Miami, I saw the people in the city and thought to myself, what do you have to do to live in such an expensive place, its so cool, they’re so lucky to live here, I wish one day I may come to live here.

Me for the first time in New York

I went back to Miami, and found out about a website that put a lot of doubt into what I should do with my life if I wanted to go live in New York, the site is Craigslist, in it, I saw over 50 New York job offers on Information technology when in Miami I’d only would see no more than 5 posts a day, plus the pay was way better.

So, I took a weekend off with my friend Tati and we went to Orlando to do all the parks, during the long lines I made the decision and told Tati that I’m leaving to New York.

2004, New York, New York

On September 2nd 2004, one day after my birthday, I came with my suitcases to New York where my friend Maritza received me for one night and helped me get up on my feet.

I had my employer pay me all the money they owed me, and I went to New York with $9000, my logic was this. I just turned 25, If I go back to my country with $9000 they will be spent anyway, so why not go and give it a try in New York while I’m still processing the VISA. I had no place to stay, so I had to look for a place asap, I had no source of income so I had to save until my last penny to stretch those $9000 as much as I could, and I gotta move fast because I don’t want to be illegal. Being optimistic and following my dreams will always be one of my premises.

I lived in West New York, NJ, paid $100 a week on a very small room, tried to live on $5 to $10 a day and the only thing I did was send resume’s to postings on craigslist and monster. I learned everything about resume’s, cover letter’s and interviews (the hard way), and a month and a half after I found my second employer in the US willing to sponsor my H1B visa. I worked as a consultant and I only did one project for one of their clients, Nielsen Entertainment in White Plains, NY, here I learned a lot about Unix, Linux, Perl, and above all, I learned how to use emacs under the teachings of David Link, one great engineer who used to work for Oracle and at the time developed an amazing dataware house system written in perl for Nielsen, my props to this great hacker.

I wasn’t contempt still with my first success in the city, finally recovering financially from moving away and no longer living on $5 a day, I kept looking for jobs, and I found a little company named “LimeWire” :), which creates a P2P application, and I thought it’d be the most amazing thing to work with these java hackers and learn about the world of P2P.

Next thing you know…

2005, LimeWire

I’m working for LimeWire as their web developer, here I learned a lot about running a high traffic website, and above all I learned a lot of what it means to be an open source developer and the culture around this.

This is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me career wise, I got to learn a lot and I was surrounded by people of an amazing level of intelligence and computer software knowledge, I’m very thankful for this.

2006, Year of big changes, and trips

At this point I’m still working for LimeWire and thanks to them I went to Austria

Egg, Austria

there I came in contact with python, which I believe is a tool that’s changing my professional life, plus I enjoy coding in it a lot, there I started writing an RSS engine which I called “SnowRSS” since I started writing it there sitting with all that snow around me. SnowRSS runs everyday as the core of rss fetching engine.

Also after leaving LimeWire I was free to join FrostWire, and we recently launched a new version on which I learned a hell of a lot more on what comes in to play about releasing client software for the masses in multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux)

2006 was a year of many changes and trips, this year I:

– Switched jobs twice, worked for, and now I’ve settled at Temboo where I feel super lucky and happy doing many exciting things and surrounded by the most amazing team of engineers

– Started the podcast and blog directory, its has been one of the most rewarding hobbies which allows me to be in contact with technology and with my good friend Tati.

– Since the change of visa, I couldn’t leave the country so I decided to get to know the country with my girlfriend, I went to:

Jim Thorpe, PA

San Francisco, CA

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Bear Mountain, NY

Washington DC

Las Vegas, NV

Grand Canyon, AZ

Also, my girlfriend graduates in Syracuse (after one year of a long distance relationship)

and we finally moved in together in Brooklyn, NY

so what now in 2007? what will be of the next decade?

Hopefully everything will be even better this year, I just hope me and my family have health to accomplish all the goals, and maybe this year things will keep moving at a fast pace, I expect to launch my own piece of software, finally have the visa stamped on my passport so that I can travel outside the country and visit europe or asia, and maybe who knows, I might even get married with my princess.

So for the next decade, I hope to become an even better person, professionally and personally, I hope to achieve my goal of making my first million during this decade, and hopefully will be able to get closer to my family somehow, at this moment I guess that part of my life is a bit broken, everyone lives at a different place, but what are you gonna do, everything to live free without the menace of a communist government.

Happy New Year 2007, now let’s make all our dreams happen so let’s not waste any time and get to work on them.

Un joven poeta escribió: ¿Será correcto llorar por amor?

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

La madrugada de hoy me topé con un interesante escrito. Un escrito cuyo último verso quedó retumbando en mi cabeza como el eco en el vacío.

Dice el joven poeta Ángel Eloy: “¿Será correcto llorar por amor?”.

Esta vez el eco no tuvo la última palabra, porque otra pregunta saltó a mi mente: “¿Es inevitable llorar por amor?”.

Entonces revisé la biblioteca de mis recuerdos, revisando todas mis experiencias de amor, para darme cuenta si en todos los casos había llegado a llorar en alguna oportunidad… y así fue. Todas las veces que puedo decir que el amor ha tocado mi vida por alguna u otra circunstancia he tenido que derramar unas cuantas lágrimas. En ocasiones de felicidad, en otras por despecho. Unas cuentas por melancolía y otras tantas por la maravilla de tener a la mujer que amo a mi lado, por la simple razón de sentirme en paz y sumamente vivo. Aunque no quiera también podría incluir las veces que la rabia y los celos han humedecido mi rostro.

Así parece ser… es inevitable llorar en algún momento cuando se ama. Pero si es inevitable, entonces, ¿es correcto? ¿Es correcto amar aunque sepamos de antemano que vamos a sufrir?

¡Bienvenidas sean las lágrimas de dicha! Sin embargo ha veces la felicidad es tan plena que duele hasta los huesos. Pero, ¿que hago con la desdicha, con el dolor inevitable que vendrá en los momentos duros de ser amante?

Supongo que lo ideal no es pensar en si es correcto o no. Sino en la experiencia. La experiencia per se de amar no puede ser incorrecta o correcta. Lo que podría ser incorrecto o correcto es lo que podamos aprender de cada una de nuestras experiencias de amor. En este punto supongo que todo lo que nos haga ser más fuertes, todo lo que aprendamos que nos lleve por el camino del buen vivir sería lo correcto. Cualquier otra cosa que aprendamos que nos ahogue indefinidamente, que nos lleve a una vida tortuosa sería lo incorrecto.

No me agrada hablar de conclusiones buenas o malas en realidad. Porque soy partidario que muchas conclusiones malas son las que nos llevan a alcanzar conclusiones superiores, de mayor complejidad, en un estado de conciencia más profundo.

Al final amar es como leer y escribir. Puedes pasar toda tu vida siendo un analfabeta. Puedes aprender a leer y escribir pero seguir siendo un iletrado. Pero también puedes saber leer y escribir y utilizar lo que aprendes de tu lectura para redactar los escritos que te salgan del corazón y del ingenio.

Y aún con esto la pregunta resuena en el cráneo como si fuera una cueva: ¿Será correcto llorar por amor?

Depende… ¿Te arrepientes de haber llorado por quien amaste?

Nota: Mis felicitaciones a Ángel Eloy, tus escritos hablan de lo que mucha gente siente y calla. Nunca dejes de escribir.


Friday, May 13th, 2005

Una amiga por messenger supo encontrar las palabras precisas para calmarme en un día terrible como el de hoy en que publico este mensaje. Este fue un día como todos (hablo en pasado y aún no ha terminado el día al momento que estoy publicando esto), sólo que pareciera que las circunstancias adversas se pusieron de acuerdo para visitar al mismo tiempo.

Estas palabras consiguienron hacerme esperar el día de hoy.

Gracias Claudia.
— Para ver el escrito hacer clic en la página 2 de esta publicación —

y… ¿el que busca encuentra?

Thursday, December 9th, 2004

Para quienes en algún momento la desesperanza los ha tomado por asalto he decidido publicar un par de escritos. Un poema inspirado en el ciclo del amor y un ensayo inclinado hacia la comedia, basado en la trágica realidad de la desesperación por encontrar aquello que hemos perdido a conciencia. Después de todo, ¡no hay nada mejor que reirnos de nosotros mismos!

Y pues si, el que busca encuentra, pero a veces encuentra lo que no se le ha perdido ;)

El debate predilecto

Sunday, November 28th, 2004

Creo que el tema del amor es uno de los preferidos para la mayoría de las personas. Todos nos hemos preguntado en algún momento si hemos llegado a amar, si nos han amado, si volveremos o nos volverán a amar algún día.

Ese primer lugar se debate duramente con la temática del sexo. Somos unas criaturas llenas de lujuría, que algunos drenan gota a gota y otros deján escapar a chorros.

A fin de cuentas siempre debatimos entre ambos tratando de lograr un equilibrio en nuestras vidas. Pero nada es perfecto…

Por ello, hace un tiempo escribí un corto ensayo acerca de esto: SexiAmor. Y a partir de hoy he decidido compartirlo con todos Uds.

Las heridas nos recuerdan de lo que estamos hechos…

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Hace un buen tiempo sufrí una severa depresión de la que afortunadamente logré salir, aunque no puedo decir ileso…

De aquella época gris de mi vida surgieron pensamientos obsesivos. Me enamoré de la muerte y la desdicha. Sucumbía ante la traición. Y por si fuera poco, dudé por completo de mi fe.

Fueron muchas las causas que en aquel entonces me llevaron por ese camino, pero me agrada pensar que muchas más fueron las consecuencias positivas que pude sacar de ello.

Sin embargo, les reitero, no salí ileso. Tengo una herida que cada noche trató de ignorar a toda costa, pero que con un mal movimiento me recuerda que está allí, todavía dolorosa y sangrante.

Por eso he decidido publicar “Navegante del camino”, para compartir con Uds. un pequeño milímetro de mi infierno interior.

Apertura de Blog

Monday, November 1st, 2004

¡Hoy he decidido aventurarme en el misterioso mundo del Blogeo!

He creado las categorías básicas con las que creo poder abarcar al menos los puntos claves de mi vida. No fue tarea fácil tratar de resumir en 5 temas fundamentales lo que quiero decir, pero bien es cierto que el que mucho abarca poco aprieta, así que para ser mi primera experiencia con un Blog me parece suficiente.

Sin más, pasaré a dar una breve descripción de lo que en realidad cubre cada categoría:

– Ayer, hoy y mañana…: Aca narraré mis experiencias del día a día. No tan formalmente contadas como se haría en un diario, pero degamos que a groso modo lo más importante que ha pasado, que pasa o pasará en mi entorno.

– Entre líneas: Justo como se deben imaginar, aca podré publicar algunos de mis escritos, que a su vez estarán clasificados en Ensayos; Frases; Historias; y Poemas.

– IT Surf Home: Todo lo relacionado con el mundo de las tecnología, por supuesto, aquello que considere de importancia.

– Los detalles: En esta categoría pordré narrar mis experiencias más aleccionadoras, las más traumáticas, las peores, las mejores, etc.

– Otras cosas: Cualquier publicación que no cale ne ninguna de las anteriores.

¡Espero que disfruten la lectura!

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