Is Steorn a Big Bluff?

I’m not sure if I made a post about this on the past, but I know I certainly talked about it on my podcast… its about Steorn and it’s “ORBOS” technology, they claim they’ve developed a device that creates FREE ENERGY, that is, the output of energy in the machine is higher than the input, so it basically breaks the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

They had promised a demo for July 5th. This is what they said on their site:

Steorn announcement: Kinetica Demonstration

Further to Steorn’s announcement yesterday (5th July) regarding the technical difficulties experienced during the installation of its “Orbo” technology at the Kinentica Museum in London, Steorn has decided to postpone the demonstration until further notice.

Sean McCarthy CEO stated that “technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date.”

He continued that “we apologise for the inconvenience caused to all the people who had made arrangements to visit the demonstration or were planning on viewing the demonstration online.”

Over the next few weeks the company will explore alternative dates for the public demonstration.

I guess I like the thought of free energy so much, I’m going to think they actually had those technical problems…
what do you think? are they Bluffing?

Or do you think the big cartels of Energ, gave Steorn senior executives a black mail Live Video feed of their dearest family members being held at gun point so they wouldn’t do the demo and look like loosers?

Ideas for a better world: Make the subway easier for brainless riders

I often have stupid ideas that could actually be applied to make real world every-day-people-related systems better, but I never write them down. I had this idea a few months ago, but forgot to write about it, hopefully someone on the New York MTA will read it one day and will have the power to propose it to their executive board.

If you travel on the subway like me, you can travel forward in time if you use the correct doors from train to train, I think you actually travel forward in time, instead of wasting time, if you for example need to Switch to L on 14st and you’re at Canal St, all you need to do, is take the express Yellow Line (I think it’s the R), but to make the best of your time, you need to walk to the very last cart of that platform, you make use of your “waiting time” to travel forward in time (or save time) once you get to 14st, since you get off, and the stairs to the L transfer will be right on the end of the track, then you go down stairs, and if you’re lucky enough, you can make it to the L without waiting.

I say you travel forward in time, cause if you get on the first car of the R, you will loose all your “waiting time” sitting at the beginnnig, and then you will have to do the walk you didn’t do in Canal St, when you get to Union Square…

so… in short, after this absurd, but “clear” example (yeah right), what’s the solution?

Make everybody travel like this…

If you do, and you have a well designed system, based on mining patterns on how your metro users travel every day, you could design the metro system to have people ride in certain cars.

You could either… mark cars of the train to say:

“This car will give you an optimum get off time if you get off at:
– station blah, blah, blah
or if you need to transfer to: L, 1,2,3”

So, you don’t stand in the way for people that actually need to get off and run for their next transfer…
anyway… just the thought of a maniac of traveling optimally on the subway.

Not sure if this made any sense gramatically, and I don’t think its even worth revising it… just ventilating my frustration with slow people…

Oh, and another thing, there should be “Staircases for People in a Hurry”, or “Fast Lanes in Staircases”, not just Up and Down directions, but actual, fast stair cases, so we don’t have to smell people’s asses going up the stairs like they’re doing a walk on the zoo on a sunday, please move your ass on the stairs people, you can make people loose transfers.

La solucion para que Hollywood no te arruine:

La semana pasada encontre la solucion a no quedarme limpio este verano despues de ir al cine…

Double Feature Finder

Esta pagina fue creada por un genio macabro de la trampa y la flojera, trabaja en, y creo que recibio standing ovation en el NewTech New York Meetup cuando la presento delante de los geeks de New York.

La idea de la pagina es brillante, buscas una pelicula, o cine, y te muestra todas las funciones en los diferentes cines… con la funcionalidad mas brillante para todos aquellos que vemos una pelicula y nos metemos luego en otra sala, y otra sala, hasta que cierrran el cine…

Ahora podras planificar tu triple tanda de peliculas cuando vayas al cine, ve a, busca tu pelicula, haz click en “Click for Double Features!” y te saldran las peliculas a las cuales te puedes meter en ese mismo multiplex, la interfaz parece hecha en honor a un diagrama gantt.

Ahora podre ver Transformers, Harry Potter, Live Free or Die Hard, Sicko, 1408 y Evan Almighty quizas en solo 2 visitas a los cines correctos en las horas correctas, todo gracias a

Nota: solo funciona para cines en USA.

Logros personales de 2006 y de 2007

El año pasado fue una montana rusa de cambios:
– Cambie de Trabajo 2 Veces, LimeWire a Flycell, de Flycell a Temboo.
– Me mude de Jersey a Brooklyn, NY en Junio para vivir con mi novia en aquel entonces
– Fui a Los Alpes en Austria, San Francisco California, Washington DC, y Las Vegas
– Aprendi Python
– Me uni a FrostWire en mi tiempo libre y empezamos a subir considerablemente el numero de descargas.
– Empeze a Podcastear y VideoCastear
– Arme una computadora (tenia como 6 años que no lo hacia), gracias Kakei por la asistencia remota.
– Me uni a
– Le propuse matrimonio a mi novia

Ahora en la primera mitad de 2007 las cosas han ido quizas aun mas rapido:
– He constituido 2 empresas, MyBloop LLC y FrostWire LLC
– Traje a mi familia de Venezuela a NY, tenia 2 años que no los veia
– Me case con Paulina
– Nos mudamos a Greenpoint, en Brooklyn
– Fui a Paris (yay, de nuevo en Europa)
– Lanzamos

– Traje a mi familia a vivir a USA finalmente, 4 anos echandole bola no fueron en vano.

Episodio 0062 – Con el iPhone en la mano

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La Tati y su iPhone

En este episodio hablamos sobre los pros y contras del iPhone, algunos “casos de uso” no soportados por el iPhone, un review del nuevo servicio de Kevin Rose Pownce (se dice “Pauns”)

Este episodio en vivo con La Tati, via Skype desde New York hasta su iPhone en Miami.

Tambien la gente de Makinando habla sobre y pegamos aqui la resena que nos hicieron.

Makina habla de en la radio Venezolana

Mil gracias a la gente de Makina quien sale todos los sabados en la tarde en la mega estacion en Barquisimeto 103.3FM (Segun tengo entendido) ya que hablaron en gran detalle sobre nuestro nuevo proyecto (Un lugar donde te damos espacio ilimitado para que subas todos tus archivos y si quieres los puedes compartir con el mundo entero)

Escucha lo que dijeron aqui

De aquel entonces a ahora, ya subimos el limite de tamano por archivo a 1Gb, y tengan por seguro que siempre brindaremos el servicio de forma gratuita, solo necesitamos su apoyo y que lo usen para poder crecer.

Muchas gracias al equipo de Makina, estamos a la orden.

How to update the location of your subversion Repo without checking out again everything

So you checked out code from a place, and whoever runs your subversion server decided to change the URL, or decided to switch from http:// to https:// or to svn+ssh:// … If you’re a noob, you’ll probably just checkout everything again.

Next time this happens just use svn switch

Here’s an example of real life when sourceforge updated the urls of their svn repos, this is what I had to do:

svn switch --relocate

* That command is supposed to be all in one line of course, its written like that for formatting purposes of this blog.

Note about Signals and PyQt4.

I keep making the mistake of sending PyQt_PyObjects instead of sending actual Qt4 objects on signals that are defined by Qt like that.

Bottom line:

If a signal has been defined by Qt, to send Qt objects, just copy and paste it, do not try to override it by exchanging the Qt objects for PyQt_PyObject.

This is because PyQt_PyObject is used to represent regular Python objects, therefore, original Qt4 classes will never emit signals under those weird signatures, Qt4 seems to be very strict on how it matches signals.

So when you see something like this on the documentation:

Qt Signals
void currentItemChanged (QTreeWidgetItem *,QTreeWidgetItem *)

Define your signal for example like this, and it will work:

SIGNAL_ITEM_CHANGED = SIGNAL('currentItemChanged (QTreeWidgetItem *,QTreeWidgetItem *)')

Do not do this, cause it won’t work:

SIGNAL_ITEM_CHANGED = SIGNAL('currentItemChanged (PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)')

(Keep in mind PyQt_PyObject is used to represent Python objects only, and its useful only when YOU define and emit your own signals)

then connect it from a QTreeWidget item (or derived object) to a listener object’s method like this:


Your object’s listener method should look like this:

def onItemChanged(self, current, previous):
  #do what you gotta do, current and previous will be QTreeWidgetItems