Is the reduction of CO2 emitions the solution to Global Warming?

Lately I think I’ve been obsessed about issues related to oil prices, oil consumption, alternative energies, and it’s for two reasons.

Starting from the supposition that global warming is directly related to CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and that there’s so much talk out there about shifting our energy source from oil, gas & coal to new sources is the smartest thing to do since:

  • We could reduce CO2 emissions (and most likely global warming)
  • By saving energy, or using cheaper energy we save money

These pair of reasons seem pretty attractive, but I keep thinking to myself the following…

Are we asking ourselves the right questions? Is this the only way to solve the problem?

The world pretty much runs on an oil-gas-coal based energy/economy, if we’re pessimistic we won’t have time to replace the whole damn thing even if we found the best energy source tonight, while we change we’ll probably still be emitting a lot of CO2, try convincing all the countries in the world into shifting, maybe the political problem might be harder to solve than the scientific problem.

Having said that, now I ask you, and maybe I didn’t hear Al Gore talk about my following questions during his Inconvenient Truth movie, maybe I don’t know crap about chemistry (I don’t as the matter of fact), but…

Why can’t we try to clean part of the mess while we figure out a way to stop the mess?

Is it impossible to have CO2 broken into something else? Is it impossible to do something else to let the infrared radiation bounce out and stop the greenhouse effect, why is it always the solution to stop doing something, why can’t we clean, or transform these gases into something else and actually make use of them?

It seems to me (here I go with the conspiracy theories again), that maybe this is the best way to convince the world that we need to shift onto a new energy model cause the rulers of the oil economy know it’s not viable for the next 100 years or so, and they want to prepare us to accept the new fuels they will sell us by having us believe the new technologies will be the salvation of mankind?

It seems to me that we could put our brightest minds into cleaning the high levels of CO2 to let the infrared radiation out and start cooling the planet.

How about we figure out a way of cooling the caps? We can certainly heat shit up? how about we think of a way to cool the polar caps so they don’t melt?

I think there’s a lot of alternate solutions, wonder if the entire scientific community is stuck on the super hard solution of having the whole world change.

Will Joost Die?

Michael Volpi must either have a great plan for innovation this year, or he must be feeling like the walls are closing in.

Joost started the race for Internet TV way before everyone else with a product unlike any other, with the promise of unprecedented flexibility on targeted ads so the advertisers would get the best bang for their buck.

However it seems like way too many people have jumped on the Internet TV space, with many different and innovative approaches.

During the last weeks, I’ve started noticing how some big players are merging with’s embeddable content and how some of them are trying to get into your living room.

Last year I told David Clark, North American VP of Joost at the NY Video Meetup that many people have said that Joost should create a Set-Top Box device, or to partner up with a TV manufacturer and get Joost on the TV, but probably one of the things they’ve not thought about is to port Joost into an Xbox Live downloadable application and make a deal with Microsoft. Of course this was in front of hundreds of people and he just gave me a politically correct answer and went on.

If I could have a chance to talk to Michael Volpi, I’d suggest a couple of crazy ideas, which have been implemented during the past week by no other than Microsoft,, and the Big G.

Microsoft and Veoh started embedding’s content on their video websites. It seems to me that Joost, being a XULRunner application, can do anything a web page can do, including the embedding of flash players such as Hulu’s.

Hulu might be their #1 competitor, and it seems to me that they got the best content of all the video websites, and they can offer it at no cost to the end viewer (ad sponsored). If I were Volpi, I’d take a crazy chance and start a new line up of Hulu based channels. There’s no way to get around the commercial insertion points that Hulu will show, but at least he would keep the audience within the application, giving him more P2P uptime to share content, and at the same time he could even overlay some ads on top of that content.

It sucks that there’s nothing really worth watching in Joost and if there is, it’s a pain in the ass to discover the good stuff. Instead you go to and you find things organized by Show, not channels. (Joost should have a way to browse content by show, season, episodes, not like 100 CBS channels with the same logo). In Hulu you’ll find the stuff everyone is watching, Heroes, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and the list goes on.

It’s a tough world getting the content, and I think Joost should start making some headlines soon, they must be running out of funding, after all it was only like 40mill they got last year, and rumors say they have over 100 people between NY and Europe, add to that bandwidth and operational costs and the money leaks.

So they’ve not made their content embeddable, probably cause they haven’t made up their minds on whether to be real imaginative on how to implement P2P on the flash player, or to create their own browser plugin (which should be included when you download the client now, so that you can start creating momentum, but would turn probably into another Real Player, vs Quicktime, vs Media Player pain in the ass), or to bite the bullet and start distributing both embeddable (Flash Player based) and Joost P2P content.

As if all this wasn’t enough, then you have Microsoft with the Xbox already on the living rooms implementing IPTV of their own, and with another device, totaling a significant potential 10 million subscribers, and Panasonic announcing the development of a new TV that will allow you to watch Internet Video provided by Google (YouTube)

The company isn’t mine and I feel stressed about it, I hope they have a good plan, right now the content they have does not compel me to close whatever I’m doing to start watching in full screen or even with a tiny window anything. If anything I’ll gladly watch Joost on my living room, but it needs to be convenient.

Volpi, come up with a Joost Branded TV, A Set-Top-Box, A wireless streaming device, something! but you need to get on the living room, the content you have is not worth switching all my working tasks to watch Joost for over 10 minutes, and that way you won’t get me to see any ads. In the meantime get us some good content, get us South Park you already got Comedy Central, beg some more and get South Park, get HBO, put Hulu content in it, make Joost the symbol of watching TV on the computer or I don’t see Joost for 2009.

Thougts about world domination

After seeing Zeitgeist – The Movie, 2007 a couple times, these are the thougts in my mind.

World Bankers use:

  • Myths:
    • Religions (which go untaxed, and collect billions of dollars)
    • Terrorism (the faceless and impossible to beat enemy we can chase forever)
  • Distractions:
    • Media (controlled press, movies)
    • Consumist Culture (a lot of people have no clue what to spend their money on, so they buy themselves into what’s fashionable, which is promoted by the media)
    • Mediocre Educational Systems
    • Video Games, Movies (which distract me a lot)
  • War (to print more money which is borrowed at interest)
  • Oil (for which they control the supply and pricing, and pretty much enslaves the world)

And all of this uses the money that they print.

The Myths help bankers to create fear, with fear people accept Wars, Invasions, Rendition of Civil rights, all with a nodding fearful smile, just as long as we are safe and we’re doing the right thing according to our morals and religious beliefs.

The entertainment serves as a bubble, so we don’t bother in looking for the truth ourselves. You just need to see at Jib Jab’s video about all the things that happened in 2007 and you’ll see how well entertained we were while the oil price went to $100, and while a lot of people died all over the world in wars that are funded by bankers which lend the money at interest. I sometimes think, is there really an energy crisis? isn’t it also media bullshit so that markets panic and the oil prices keep getting higher? If these theories are true, the “men behind the curtains” are awesomely smart and powerful.

So what do we do?

I intend to use this knowledge and become a banker myself or at least as close to that as I can, the system is too hard to beat, since people accept the enslavery willingfully. Others might prefer becoming hippies with no possesions, others just don’t give a shit and will still act as the slaves they were meant to be.

Can you beat the system? I don’t think so.

How do you convince people that they really don’t need to believe in God, that there’s no such need and that it doesn’t exist? why do they blindly and massively believe in a myth? Why don’t they use their time on better things than praying (having mental monologues) and giving money to churches on which they get politically endoctrinated on sundays?

Another thing we can do, is starting to look for the truth by ourselves. Maybe things are the way they are, and Zeitgeist is just one big conspiracy theory, however it presents some facts about religion, wars and banks that you can’t help to think about.

If you want to feel like a slave, just go up and fill your gas tank, and look at the toll go up fast as hell while all you can think is “please stop, please stop, please stop”, and then end up paying $50 to fill up your tank.

I wanna be a world banker when I grow up, if you have a better idea on what to do to beat the system please leave a reply or two.