– The YouTube of Books

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out has something big in their hands:
– Flash based document viewer (for any document format)
– Unlimited uploads

The result, what I call a “YouTube of Books”.

Just check this out, and see why Amazon has a little bit of market to loose (those who don’t really care about reading books on screen, and having the ability to search a book in seconds…)

Look for yourself

Read this doc on Scribd: Python Cookbook

I foresee these guys being bought by Google sometime within the next two years, they certainly provide with the vision of Google, that of organizing information, and what not, and they have the same copyright issues as YouTube did, something which didn’t stop google from acquiring them at the time.

All we need now, is to be able to use that Scribd viewer with PDFs hosted anywhere, I would love to have that document viewer installed in

Luciana’s Yeah Yeah, uncensored on Joost

Gotta love Joost.
Let’s hope they bring a lot more music videos, MTV left a big hole, now imagine MTV with no censorship, that could be made with a combination of channels in joost.

Bodyrox feat. Luciana - Yeah Yeah

UK dance duo Bodyrox team up with shouty sexy singer Luciana for this dance-smash. The video is a cool and rather bizarre performance involving a baby, gold chains, petrol, a lighter and some hot, half-naked youngsters making out.

One Mind – A Creative Commons Music Album by Charles Manson

Download Torrent with Full Album

Download FrostWire for free if you don’t have a Torrent downloader.

Play it

Bandwidth and Storage courtesy of

Digg it?

Released April 7, 2005 by, made available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic in April 2008.

One Mind is brand new, never before released material. Songs, guitar, impromptu poetry and words. Professionally produced and shrink wrapped, this CD is fully authorized and approved under Creative Commons. Over 75 minutes in length.


I Can See You
Angels Fear To Tread
Riding On Your Fears
I Don’t Need Water Sprinklers In The Desert
Your Magic Motion
Whoever You Are
The Black Pirate
So We Go Again
Self Is Eternal (What Our World Will Be)
Sometimes It Works Just Right
Sweet Words
If You Have No One
I Keep On Wondering (interupted)
1967 – Mac Brother
Venice, CA


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Biking Route, Spring is here

Bike trip from Brooklyn to Manhattan

White tree at Sheep's Meadow in Central Park, one of my favorite spots to relax in the city for freeWhenever I see the temperature go above 65F I feel a sudden urge to leave the house. Yesterday I decided to take a bike trip to the city and back.

On the way there, my ipod blasted two prodigy records, then while in Central Park I listened to a wonderful podcast called E01 (spanish) which judges TV shows based on their first aired episode, the E01.

Resting while listening to E01 podcast

After the trip I have one request for Mayor Bloomberg, please add bike lanes in midtown on 2nd Av. it’s really scary to bike anywhere up above 34th st, definitively lot better once you ride south of 14th st.

My next trip will be to Park Slope right here in Brooklyn.

Do you have any favorite bike routes in your city? Please share