27 year old dream comes true today.

I remember learning about the USA when I first watched the Summer Olympics in L.A. in 1984.

I remember asking my dad, why did that country get all the gold medals
and then my dad explaining why the supremacy of this nation, and then me asking more and more questions.

Ever since then I admired this country like no other and I wanted to be part of it. I didn’t set foot in it for the first time until 1995 and when I did I loved this place even more.

The attached picture was what my room looked like (when clean) right after I graduated, you can see where/what my mind was set to (the flags I got on my 1995 trip and they were always on display in my room as a way to visualize my goal of coming here). At the time I was being outsourced to code for Pocket PCs, and that was my entry ticket to the US to become a special H1B worker.

Today the dream of becoming an American will come true.

I’ll be on my way to take my oath in a few minutes. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: As of 08:26:56 on 10/26/2011 you’re all stuck with me for good. Howdy fellow Americans, I’m finally a sworn (registered to vote) citizen of the United States of America.

Artist Celia Calle at NYC Comic Con 2011

Artist Celia Calle
NYC Comic Con 2011, October 2011

I’d say that 95% of her art features hot girls, Love it.

I wonder if the inspiration comes from her time as a fashion designer, some drawings look like scenes from behind the curtains at a fashion shows, skinny topless female models sucking on cigarrettes with a look of dispair are some of the examples.

Fell in love with her work, got a few posters and her illustrated book. Very talented artist.

Find out more about her

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo
This morning, Miami,FL

Every monday there’s this reset on my brain and before I start working I need to clean the office to start off the week with a good attitude.

Windex + Paper Towels = Dynamic Duo.

I thought these two are such a great cleaning tool together that they deserved a picture.

Do you also dust off and cleanup your desk and monitor with Windex and paper towels? or are you lucky to have somebody else do the cleaning for you?

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